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Big Picture Astro for August

A Leo bonanza with a demand to match heroic deeds with the psychic underpinnings.   

Astrology Spotlight10

When Mercury is in Leo

Playing to the Crowd -- Love Notes -- Speaking from the "Hot" -- a Forecast for When Mercury is in Leo (July 31st to August 15th, 2014).

When Mars is in Scorpio

Striking the Root -- No More Playing Nice -- Urge for Soul-Merging -- Fertile and Creative -- July 25th to September 13th, 2014.

Pluto Transits to the Sun

In the Dark -- Process of Elimination -- Losses that Strike at Core, Revolutionize the Self -- Vitality and Creativity

Dating Tips for Cancer

Sideways Seduction -- Bringing it Home -- Places with Atmosphere -- Date Ideas for the Crab (Cancer Zodiac)

When Venus is in Cancer

Moonstruck -- The Well of Creativity -- Longing for Home and Friends That Knew Us Way Back When -- July 18th to August 12th, 2014.

What's Attractive to the Virgo Man?

Fetching Traits That Attract Virgo Man -- A Steady Nature -- A Less is More Philosophy -- A Natural Beauty

Jupiter in Leo (July 16, 2014 to August 12, 2015)

Noble values -- True (Heart-led) Love -- Outward Sparkle Brings Luck & Allies (July 16 to August 12, 2015).

When Venus is in Gemini

Aerate your Love Life -- Happy, Light, Fun, Fun -- Joy in "Delivering the Message" -- Dip Pinkie Toe in New Mediums (June 23-July 18th)

When Mercury is in Gemini

Fluency or Frenzy? - Bees in the Bonnet - Social Buzz - Collaboration and Comparing Notes - To July 12th, 2014

Jupiter and Saturn: Balancing Act in the Birth Chart

Jupiter and Saturn are complementary cronies in the birth chart, and a match made on Earth, for highs of breathless risk, balanced with keeping it real.

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