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When an Eclipse Zaps Your Planet(s)

We're in between eclipses now, with a solar eclipse April 28th at 9 degrees Taurus.  What's your forecast?

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Virgo and Aquarius: Order and Chaos

Monday April 21, 2014

The Virgo-Aquarius match is a study in contrasts -- order and chaos. This from Love Struck Aqua (on her Virgo man) made me laugh: "He is extremely orderly! The first time I saw his room, I had a panic attack over how organized it was juxtaposed with the explosion that is my room. We have had differing opinions and have had mini fights. These worry me. They are usually about his insensitivity or my chaotic-ness."

She continues in Virgo-Aquarius Love Stories, "Our saving grace is that we are both very rational And surprisingly good at apologizing. I worry that if we move in together, he will hate my organized chaos, and I will feel bad for not living up to his standards. I hope we have what it takes to go the distance!"

The Waterbearer (Aqua) here is showing the gift of seeing with big-sky air sign clarity. She's put to words a pattern that shows up early on, and knows it could become the Chinese finger puzzle that undoes the relationship. How often is that experienced in an unconscious way, until it bobs up above the surface of awareness. I know that's been the case with me!

Aquarius' co-rulers are themselves order and chaos personified. The traditional ruler is Saturn (structure) and modern ruler is Uranus (rebel genius). Aquarius is enigmatic -- and erratic -- in its dance with form and breaking things apart. Virgo is a mutable sign, for adaptability, and the urge to continually improve, which is a kind of constant change.

Good luck to you Love Struck Aqua. Your ability to see it helps, though we all know it takes two to tango (and compromise). And a big part of taking the risk of love, is not knowing how it'll all unfold.

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Cardinal Cross: Smacks, Purging, Resurrecting

Sunday April 20, 2014

There's some wild astrology this week -- some could get smacked awake, others experience the breakthrough of their lives. Those on the war path (on the world stage or at the office) could attempt a shocking power grab. The courageous individual could inspire a movement, or act on the rising tension in their own lives.

It's the much anticipated Cardinal Grand Cross of April - and we're in the window now to the 23rd. But it's not about a day or even a few days, but there could be drama both out there and within (for each in their own way).

The Pluto angle can involve purging, and today's timely Easter theme of resurrection. Lately, I've felt way more freedom giving things away, to lighten the load. There could be impulsive gestures like that with Jupiter (Cancer) involved -- it's serendipitous when the recipient really wants or needs it, too.

Mars (Libra) juices up the situation, and adds a hair-trigger edge. Mars is retrograde, so I'm wondering if the act of "not doing" something could be as radical, as doing it. The art of disengaging, could be the start of redirecting the energy in a new, more sane or balanced direction.

And (April 21st) there's the epic and ongoing Uranus-Pluto square, the 5th of 7 direct hits to 2015. Some things look a shambles, other spheres of life are being reinvigorated. Uranus in bold Aries inspires each of us to overcome inertia and discouragement, and be active participants, in the shaping of the future.

There's so much chaos, but that's part of the creative process. A way to look at these stand-out events, is that it hastens the inevitable. That could mean getting the show on the road in areas where we're feeling in limbo. I hope you have a meaningful week.

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Taurus Time: Natural Instincts

Saturday April 19, 2014

What are your Taurus associations? Off the top of my head, a few of mine are: the smell of freshly baked bread, slow food, growing things, being wise with investments, living your (my) values, visual arts and crafts of all kinds, music and dance, the beautiful and the functional. After the first surge of Aries, Taurus is time to stabilize new growth, build strength, tend to a creative work-in-progress and simply be.

The Sun moves into Taurus today (April 19th), and Mercury will follow (23rd) in the window of the big catalyst-event -- the Grand Cross. With whatever comes up in the week ahead, Taurus' steadying instinct keeps the boat afloat.

The Chart for this Week's Grand Cross shows Sun and Mercury in early degrees of fixed earth Taurus. What comes to mind is vitality for earthing the changes, in ways that make sense. That means engaging with what's real, not with the virtual or abstract. It could be time to move forward on plans, make them real.

A power day for Taurus month is May 3rd, when the Sun trines Pluto (Capricorn). These signs together can do the heavy lifting, to ditch waste, re-envision what's being created and design it to last. That's when there can be a conservation of energy, for what matters most... Happy Birthday month to all the Bulls out there!

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Eclipse Zaps to Planets, Houses - What's the Forecast?

Thursday April 17, 2014

We're in the eclipse zone, since they come in pairs, and are a one-two punch. Because they often fall in nearly opposite houses or signs, there's a complimentary rhythm to the sequel. Here in April, the first was at 25 degrees Libra -- a Total Lunar Eclipse. The next eclipse event is at 9 degrees Taurus -- an Annular (the Moon doesn't block the Sun completely) Solar Eclipse.

Even though they're not in opposite Zodiac signs, for me they fall in opposite houses on the birth chart -- the eighth and second. Here's an explanation of how to find an eclipse in your chart, with reader comments.

Looking at the Eclipses and what they zap opens up associations, what to have a ponder about. What comes to mind? For example, the first eclipse at 25 Libra was a close hit to my Mars in the eighth. And it's curious that I've thought quite a bit about my motivation -- how to act on what awakens my outrage, particularly to do with what I perceive as out of whack. But it is too soon to draw conclusions.

To place the Eclipses on your birth chart, put your data in the chart generator. Use the numbers around the wheel to find 25 Libra and 9 Taurus. Eclipses are very significant Full Moons or New Moons, with extra spice, and a chance to muse, or set attention and intention.

What's the Forecast?

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