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Virgo New Moon - August 25th

In the face of mass delirium, you can choose the path (and power) of wholeness. 

Astrology Spotlight10

Pluto Capricorn (Circa 2014): Inheritances and the Future

Land Grabs, Earthlings on the Move, Shadow Power, Sense of Ancestry and Sense of Place, Revitalizing Life on Earth -- Pluto in Capricorn Circa 2014.

Virgo New Moon in the Houses

Cleaning House (Which One?) -- Detox from Dirty Influences -- Virgo New Moon in the Houses -- Your Forecast

When Mercury is in Virgo

Dreamweaver -- In Sync with the Process -- Sum and Its Parts -- Earth-Wise Moves for Mercury Virgo (Aug 15th to Sept 1st, 2014).

Six Aquarius Full Moon Ritual Ideas

Skyclad Moonbathing -- Ripple Effects -- Welcome Wonder -- Watch the Winged Ones -- Fire and Air -- Six Ritual Ideas for the Aquarius Full Moon

You're a Virgo (Sun), But What's Your Moon Sign?

Beyond the daily grind, how does working maniac Virgo wind down? Read about your Moon sign with Venus Sun.

When Mercury is in Leo

Playing to the Crowd -- Love Notes -- Speaking from the "Hot" -- a Forecast for When Mercury is in Leo (July 31st to August 15th, 2014).

When Mars is in Scorpio

Striking the Root -- No More Playing Nice -- Urge for Soul-Merging -- Fertile and Creative -- July 25th to September 13th, 2014.

Pluto Transits to the Sun

In the Dark -- Process of Elimination -- Losses that Strike at Core, Revolutionize the Self -- Vitality and Creativity

Dating Tips for Cancer

Sideways Seduction -- Bringing it Home -- Places with Atmosphere -- Date Ideas for the Crab (Cancer Zodiac)

When Venus is in Cancer

Moonstruck -- The Well of Creativity -- Longing for Home and Friends That Knew Us Way Back When -- July 18th to August 12th, 2014.

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