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Molly Hall

Planet Kiddie

By September 25, 2007

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A fun website for parents was launched this week called Kiddiegram.com. You can get insights on your child's Sun, Moon or Rising sign, an online mini-report, or order a more in-depth look. The graphics are cute and creative, and part of the proceeds go to the UN Fund for Orphans.

How does an air sign child get along with a water sign parent? The site has a downloadable book about how each type of kid -- air, water, earth and fire -- behaves, and how to maximize your little star's potential. It's written with zero astrological lingo, so moms and dads can just put it to everyday use in playgroups and sports activities. Your shy child may be a Cancer that needs more reassurance around new kids at the playground. That little wild man could be a double Sagittarius! Learning about your child's astro make-up can only make you wiser as a parent.

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