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Molly Hall

Taming the Sexy Beast

By April 4, 2008

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The Aries man prides himself on doing as he pleases. So how did Taurus Danielle Spencer turn combustible Russell Crowe (Sun, Mars and Jupiter in Aries) into a devoted family man? From the sound of it, she presented herself as the top prize, a woman that had to be won over. As he recently told an interviewer for News Blaze, "I've known my wife for a long, long time. And I did so much s*** over that time to try and impress her, I couldn't even begin to tell you the list. Eventually it must just have been the weight of effort, she finally decided I was worthwhile!"

The Aries man lives to show off and prove himself through feats of derring do. He's drawn to the woman that joins his adventures, but resists a full surrender.

  • Winning the Aries Man
  • Aries and Taurus in Love
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