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Molly Hall

Mars Rx: Jealousy and Anger

By February 4, 2010

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When Mars is vitalized, it stokes the inner fires bringing passion and desires to the surface. When Mars is in Leo, it's all about creative ambition. We want to be admired for the unique way we express who we are. These days, Mars is retrograde, driving an intense internal churning of the creative fires. It fuels a desire to be proud of what we're doing, and what we can pour our heart into.

In her article on Mars retrograde, astrologer Eileen Grimes says it's a time-out, to see what pushes our buttons. She writes, "The ego drives will be very strong. Anger about the thwarting of these drives will likely surface, and must perhaps be redirected in finding arenas of self-expression that will add to the person's life - and not blaming others for why it hasn't worked in the past."

The atmosphere now -- under a waning Scorpio Moon -- is right for some soul searching about lost creative potential. It's a time to see what time-stealing dramas we're feeding, and look for ways to redirect it toward creative fulfillment. It's occurring against the relentless pressure of the Saturn-Pluto square, which strips us of what's dead in our lives. This includes what we're half-heartedly doing. In myths about Pluto, the Dark Lord was only summoned when all had been lost, and a person lost their fear of death. We're living in a time when the old is dying, and the new has yet to be born. In this void, the realm of Pluto and Scorpio, we die to superficial layers of who we are, so that the locked up, concentrated core can be released.

It's timely for making tough, bold decisions. Shedding old skins allows us to make progress with what evolutionary astrologers like Deva Green call our special mission. If we trust, and surrender to these extreme changes, the intensity of all that we are is mixed in the cauldron, and transformed.

Look to the house where Mars is retrograding, for insights about the life sphere where your unique presence is expressed. For me, it's the 5th House of Creativity, and that's the only area where my jealousy surfaces. When I intensely envy someone for their artistic achievement, I know it's telling me what I want. Jealousy is a guide to unnamed, unclaimed desires. If jealousy, angst or regret surfaces, try listening to it closely for what it needs and wants. There's fire power there now, and the courage to let go of what has kept these longings buried in your heart.

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February 4, 2010 at 4:04 pm
(1) Fiona says:

This post really got me thinking. Thank you, Molly!

I don’t know if it depends on how far into Leo Mars is, because my houses are split there. Eighth house goes 1/3 or so into Leo and then Ninth house picks up there.

This may not mean anything at all but this is also the two houses that would be complimentary echoes of my Rising Sign: Scorpio Rising with an intercepted Sagittarius making up my Ascendant. The reason I mention it is that my “will” “power” (soft-centered Scorpio) seems to have a hard-candy-coated Sadge exterior: precocious youth, adventuress, horse-woman, global traveler, philosopher, professor, etc. These are all my first house faces (and with Neptune there, they switch often), and I find empowerment in exploration (my North Node interestingly is also here in Sagittarius). You can’t find the shaman if you don’t venture into the forest and then you find she’s always been within.

So back to 8th and 9th house: If I had to take a stab at what Pluto-Saturn and Mars Rx are showing me, it’s Leo’s penchant for notoriety and glamour; the facade in front of the dark face of fame which was a recent and very uncomfortable discovery; and a new awareness for me that even in the over-information age, even with all my Sadge-tastic exterior, some knowledge is not to be shared.

And just in afterthought, I think it might have been teaching me that: “Not all who wander are lost.”

February 5, 2010 at 7:37 am
(2) angie says:

Hi, Molly! I just have to tell you… I found your blog by accident about two months ago, and I have learned SO MUCH over that time! I love your blog, I love the blogs you cite within your blog… My intellectual universe has expanded incredibly since I started reading your blog, and I thank you so very much for that! Blessings to you, and keep up the GREAT work. :)

February 5, 2010 at 9:32 am
(3) Michele says:

OMG thanks for sharing this…I so needed to read your message this week.

February 5, 2010 at 10:21 am
(4) Molly says:

Fiona – I too have split houses. In a class with Ellias Lonsdale, he had some interesting insights. That a transit through it allows you to see the evolution of its effect into the next ‘life sphere.’ So for you going deep into the creative transformational aspects of the self — celebrating life as a series of deaths and rebirths — and broadcasting it, perhaps as teacher/artist/writer. It’s already so evident in the artful (leo) way you describe your own life. So anytime a planet is transiting, you get to go deep into your personal story of change, then share what’s gleaned (virgo) with others and allow it to change your worldview. Just wanted to share that tidbit of wisdom from a ‘wizard’ that he told me about my own chart.

February 5, 2010 at 11:58 am
(5) Molly says:

Angie, that’s so gratifying to hear — thank you so much!

Michele….your blog has uplifted me many times, so glad to hear it’s a two way street!

February 5, 2010 at 3:39 pm
(6) Fiona says:

Many thanks, Molly! I’m cutting-pasting that into my journal to remind me of that “tidbit” of yours! Great to know – helpful to see how I can use this in life! :)

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