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Molly Hall

The Birth Chart: Your Unique Qualifications?

By April 19, 2010

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The birth chart places you in a moment of time. Is this a moment that we both qualify for, and agree to, before we are born? This intriguing idea comes by way of the Pleiadians in Barbara Marciniak's book, Path to Empowerment: subtitled, Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos.

They say (via Barbara Marciniak): "The sky is a map of knowledge, and each moment in time carries an energetic imprint, or outline, or its presence that is unique unto itself, like a footprint left in sand." The Pleiadians say we qualify for a time of birth, just like we do for particular jobs. They say, "Some moments are more auspicious than others, and the proper credentials on your spiritual resume must be present in order to fit with the prevailing energies."

Seen through that perspective, the fixed moment in time of the birth chart is a spiritual anchor. It's a map to what you intended for this life. The Pleiadians say, "Once you are born into this physical reality, you unfold your life within an imprint of cosmic energy that embodies a plan of intent and purpose, a plan designed and approved by you."

This makes the birth chart a very useful tool to suss out all the dimensions of your life's purpose. In a time when it's critical to discover and put into action your divine power, it's the map full of clues that gets you there.

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Lisa Zador/Getty Images
April 20, 2010 at 11:52 am
(1) Lisa says:

A question I’ve always wondered. My husband was born pre-mature. His mother says “around 2 months early”. Being born on January 6, 1971 would make his sun sign Capricorn, but if he was full-term he would have been Pisces, maybe even Aries (his mother is very vague). To be honest, he displays a lot of Aries characteristics and fire sign energy,ie: very impulsive, quick to react, passionate vs. Capricorn energy: stable, business-like and somewhat materialistic. Is it possible he’s displaying characteristics of when he should’ve been born?

April 20, 2010 at 4:05 pm
(2) Molly says:

That’s an intriguing question, and one I’m not sure about. Another astrologer was wondering about C-sections, and how that might alter when a soul chooses to come in. If any evolutionary astrologers want to chime in here, feel free! If I hear some insights on that, I’ll pass that on.

April 21, 2010 at 2:16 am
(3) Nikki says:

My instinct tells me that if birth is a miracle involving a combination of natural and supernatural forces, then it doesn’t matter if you are born ‘early’ or ‘late’ or induced or c-section-ed… you’re always right on time!

April 23, 2010 at 10:25 am
(4) Lliannon says:

things happen for a reason. Including premature births and c-sections. You are born when you are meant to be born regardless of situations. Or because of them. There is a lesson for all involved.
Look deeper in your husband’s chart, Lisa, and you will find out more. Scorpio can be very passionate.

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