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Pluto Power: Seeing in the Dark

By September 13, 2010

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Since Pluto goes direct late tonight, followed by Mars moving into Scorpio, let's look at the power to see in the dark, and shadowy situations. And how this helps us dig deep and persevere, holding out for the real change so many are longing for.

Pluto has been retrograde since April 6th, turning that drive to reform and take control to our own lives. It's been growing underground, like the potato, building power and peering around in the rich dark. Now that it goes direct, that drive for deep and total regeneration picks up speed in society-at-large.

Pluto rules Scorpio, and both are currents that read the totality of a scene or person, drawn to what has power, but is buried. It might be buried in small talk, PR, spin, disinformation, politeness, denial, fear and so on. Having this radar allows us to penetrate the layers that cover up the truth of what's going on. This process of stripping to get to something vital, is what allows for such complete regeneration.

When we feel our own Scorpiocity, we read a situation beyond intuition. You might not be a Scorpio or particularly Plutonian (strong Pluto aspects in your chart), but everybody feels their Scorpiocity sometime. Scorpiocity is the ability to see what's hidden, what needs to be flushed out, killed off or transformed.

When I heard Barbara Marciniak speak, she talked about the Garden of the Mind which has levels from the conscious mind, or pea, to relaxed awareness and creativity, the carrot, to the onion, which she called the subconscious, where we find memory and what's repressed. Then she talked about Delta state, the potato, which is deep inner radar and psychic awareness. And one of her teaching phrases is, "The potato knows."

As Pluto goes direct in deep earthbound Capricorn, and Mars joins Venus in Scorpio, we're backed by the potato and its knowing. We can stealthily observe and pick up on hidden motives, intents to control, secrets and lies. These include half-truths we tell ourselves. We open the door to deep healing, when we dare to go to the heart of a matter. In the risk of tango-ing with the dark, we find our power and face fears. And in the process of digging out what's buried, we create fertile ground for the new.

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September 13, 2010 at 4:46 pm
(1) erica says:

a-ha! now i know why potatoes have all those ‘eyes’…

if you’ve never read Opal Whiteley’s – Journal of An Understanding Heart – i highly recommend it.

As a five year old she was a brilliant naturalist and wrote passages about potatoes, birds, trees, and angel beings.

In particular she noted how you need to plant a section of the potato with an ‘eye’ so it could see where to grow.

thank you again for an insightful post. such a service.

September 14, 2010 at 8:41 am
(2) Carole Lamarque says:

the images are wonderful, and so are the texts accompanying
them. Thank you.

September 15, 2010 at 11:58 am
(3) Fiona says:

Scorpiocity — that is my new favorite word!

We have been eating potatoes for breakfast since we arrived in our new home last year. They really called out to us. I used to make one type of breakfast in my old state, and upon moving states, I was compelled to switch it up to a more German style potatoes breakfast. (That’s our largest meal of the day and then we pyramid into smaller lunch and dinner.) Hearing this about potatoes is very intriguing!

Thanks, Molly!

September 15, 2010 at 7:29 pm
(4) Molly says:

Erica – that sounds so sweet. I love the innocent natural mysticism as a child. When I was little, I was so at home in the natural world. That sounds up my alley.

Carole – thank you so much.

Fiona, that’s great, potatoes are so grounding. I miss our Spring potatoes – I still dream of them. I’ve started eating what my friend called ‘french’ size meals…this is a major lifestyle change. I like your pyramid idea, esp. with potatoes for breakfast. yum!

September 16, 2010 at 7:48 pm
(5) Patrice says:

I also really resonated with the potato analogy. You are my very favorite astrology writer. You have such depth. Pluto must be very strong in your chart!

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