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Molly Hall

Scorpio: Looking On the Dark Side, Too

By October 24, 2010

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The Sun is now in Scorpio, and that makes four (with Mercury, Venus and Mars) in a sign that doesn't mess around. It's a stellium of determination and emotional courage. And we can all use that, right?!

With Scorpio cajones and ovaries (since it rules sex organs), we find a way through a difficult situation, and can become stronger from the ordeal. Over the years, I've counted on Scorpio friends to "tell it like it is," with a warts and all realistic view. Yeah, sometimes it's intimidating. Scorpio stares directly into the totality of a situation, honing in on what others shy away from. This is a point of power, since seeing what's wrong is half the battle.

With this Pluto-ruled sign, the dark is as vital as the light, and both are the raw material for change. Yesterday, I was thinking about Pluto and its call to surrender to the mystery of change. I thought of the Law of Attraction, and how Pluto in our lives reminds us that some things are beyond our control. Getting what we want might not be the best thing -- maybe experiencing loss or closed doors is what our soul needs to find its compass again.

Serendipitously, today UK astrologer Dharmaruci of Astrotabletalk posted this animated talk by Barbara Ehrenreich on the dark side of what she calls mandatory optimism.

The video is called Smile or Die and it goes along with a book called, Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America. She skewers LOA as naive and harmful, since it fosters denial. And she makes connections to how relentlessly positive thinking ballooned the economy beyond all reason.

The sunny outlook that seems so "in our faces" becomes macabre when it doesn't fit what's happening around us. Ehrenreich writes, "My very radical suggestion is realism, to find out what's happening in the world and decide what we can do about those parts that are threatening or hurtful."

Scorpiocity is our ally now, to see what's hurting or threatening us, or keeping us from moving forward. Sometimes the end of denial is a relief -- it's hard on the heart to put on a happy face when your life is falling apart. Sometimes it's two steps back, before we can move forward. But it's the beginning of something real, and solid enough to rebuild our lives on.

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