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Molly Hall

Photo of the Week: "It's All About Perspective."

By October 5, 2011

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This week's image with its message, "It's all about perspective," comes from Skye Scarbrough. It's from her series of shots from a trip out west, and illustrates, she writes, "the fog of Neptune, looking towards the sunset on Puget Sound."

I wrote earlier today about the Mercury-Saturn alignment tomorrow, for discipline with focus. But before Mercury goes into Scorpio on Oct 13th, there's a trine with Neptune in air signs Libra-Aquarius in a late degree (28). So if you're sensing that you're hitting a mental wall, or the definitive end and/or dimming of a once bright idea, take heart. There's an infusion on Oct 12th that can unexpectedly open perceptual doors and windows. Dreams, the imagination and your own original genius show a pathway forward, or another way to see what's possible.

Do you have an image you'd like to share? Or, a photo that illustrates an aspect or transit in your chart. I welcome your photos, from literal to poetic -- send to me with Photo of the Week in the subject line to astrology.guide@about.com. Here's the current collection of pictures of the week around the About.com network.

Image: Skye Scarbrough
October 5, 2011 at 5:42 pm
(1) Sukhmandir Kaur says:

Interesting perspective see the world through the glass. SOrt of the way a gold fish in a bowl might see.

October 6, 2011 at 6:01 am
(2) Chris says:

I was pondering the unusual picture. It looked to me like it was saying *Is your life path being viewed as a glass half full or half empty” I love the photos you have picked lately. It’s like mercury’s visual expression of our feelings right now. I have to say in spite of a rough road recently “it is definately half full”. A picture is worth 1000 words! Keep up the very interesting perspectives.

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