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When You're Born with Mercury Retrograde


When You're Born with Mercury Retrograde
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  • About 25% of us have Mercury retrograde in our birth chart make-up. Are you one of them? Check your birth chart -- is there an Rx next to your Mercury symbol? As Mercury readies to go direct this week, what insights can be gleaned from looking at perceptual world of Mercury retrograde natives?

    Jan Spiller sees a past life echo for Mercury retrograders with a challenge to speak from the depths of one's being. This is to overcome lives of having to hide their true thoughts, leading to a painful disconnection. Some of the intensity around communication comes from this split, she writes in her article, Mercury Retrograde at Birth.

    There are gifts that come from the struggle to speak in such a whole-hearted way. Spiller writes, "They are learning to reconnect with the authenticity of their own unique ideas and preferences and decision making tendencies. Because of the necessity of including their emotional component when making decisions, many times these people have exceptional artistic talents."

    I find her tips right on, as someone with this signature in my chart. I've felt a lifelong urgency (and with it frustration) to speak and write from a whole self kind of place. I like her advice -- and this is good for Mercury retrograde cycles too -- to take time to make decisions. It takes time to know how you really think and feel about something -- this is a rhythm that's often crowded out in our instant, go go go culture.

    See more about Mercury retrograde in the Birth Chart, and my experience as an insider with this dynamic.

    In the Mercury retrograde time, we pick up dropped threads, which potentially lead to a fuller sense of the picture. Sometimes external events like delays, brings unexpected psychic space to fill -- a chance to stew in our own juices, becoming more "seasoned" or authentic in the process. Frustrations can bring up emotional truths that then have a chance to be aired. There's a sense of slowing down, but with that can come more emotional nuance for our life's story.


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