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Molly Hall

Scorpio New Moon and Eclipse

By November 13, 2012

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This eclipse (today at 5:13 pm est) is smack dab on my Neptune, which is also my chart's ruler. I'm quickly losing words, and plan to go with the spacy flow for the next while. Suzi Dronzek of Starcana tweeted this: "Swimming blindly into dark waters, we face the unknown & trust our 'feelers.'"

The new Moon and eclipse is at 22 Scorpio. Author-astrologer Kim Falconer gave me a new insight on Scorpio, from her newsletter. She writes, "Where we find Scorpio in the horoscope is where we need to experience life 'in the moment' and on the edge. It is where we need to merge our energy with others to create something we could not do on our own. This erotic merging can not transpire until we have severed our umbilical ties with the past. To this end, Scorpio is about the enticement to leave the juvenile ties that keep us dependent so we may form adult-to-adult relationships. Scorpio asks that we leave our familiar ground, be it supportive or destructive, and venture out into the world to re-create ourselves anew."

For seekers, this eclipse has a kick to it, with Saturn also in Scorpio. To mull over standout themes, look at the featured house (In the birth chart) for this solar eclipse, and also the one that comes next. They are polarities, for a companion volume of themes over the two week eclipse period. Then look at any planets in close contact with the eclipse, for the "eclipse ruler."

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November 13, 2012 at 11:31 pm
(1) Skye says:

Hi Molly,

I was thinking about you today when mulling over this eclipse (alongside Neptune and Chiron stationing direct). The eclipse is within 5 degrees of my natal Neptune… in my 12th.

Had to find your words :) I personally feel comfortable in this space and am looking forward to shedding some karmic weight. 12th house work is very interesting indeed. Ive been so exhausted in the 4th and 10th and 1st and 7th that it’s time to release what is no longer serving a higher purpose. Good, bad, dirty- bring it, as long as it means I can cleanse and move on. All this scorpio energy is making me brave and unwavering ;P

November 13, 2012 at 11:41 pm
(2) skye says:

Hi Molly,

I thought about you today in light of the eclipse, alongside Neptune and Chiron stationing direct. I had to find your words :) This is all happening within 5 degrees of my natal Neptune, in the 12th. 12th house work is interesting indeed. I’ve been so exhausted in the 4th/10th and 1st/7th, that I am very much looking forward to shedding some karmic weight.

Perhaps it’s the scorpio energy that is giving me the extra push, but I feel brave and unwavering. Dare I say, this space feels strangely comfortable? Hope I don’t regret saying that Give me the good, the bad, the ugly so long as I can release what is no longer serving a higher purpose, cleanse, and move on with my life. Very cerebral energy, but also very fluid. My dreams have been extremely active. Actually dreamed the other night of the death card, and how it ripped in half (almost split down the middle/fell apart) when I was shuffling my deck. Bizarre and very fitting. It’s time to close some doors and make room for new energy.

I can most definitely feel the shifts! Hope you are well… love & light!

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