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Mercury Rx Scorpio: David Icke, "Striking the Root" and Subliminals

By November 15, 2012

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Mercury showed stealthy Scorpiocity, as it retrograded into this secretive sign amid the brouhaha of the eclipse. Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio as of 2:42 am (est) Wednesday. What mercurial territory might this take us into?

  • The darkest and most plutonian relationships, where we wrestle with our own demons and psychic vulnerabilities. The reward of facing what or who has a hold on us is self-possession.
  • Coming out of denial about encroaching restrictive authority (tyranny) in its different guises.
  • Facing experiences of trauma, energetic-sexual violation or degradation that seem to poison us, and require us to build strength to overcome.
  • Realizing dark truths without being destroyed by them, though you might walk through a time of severe disillusionment.

Scorpio is a sign of seeing through the surface show and connecting dots. There's a noticeable drop in people watching prime time news and programming, because it's become unreal to most people. And Vigilant Citizen reports that "a recent article published on CNN entitled Still 'paranoid' after all these years does a great job at equating all those who use critical thinking before guzzling down the toxic drink that is mass media with all kinds of crazy."

Why is it that what really matters is not being discussed, and dots are not being connected? News especially presents a chaotic narrative of random events -- presented with flash and in a gripping way, but without the deeper intuitive knowing of signs like Scorpio. The deeper knowing is about seeing what's hidden -- power and control agendas, hierarchies of abuse, displaced blame and even outright deception (false flags and faked news). People are fed up, and that's a good thing to my mind. It's given rise to the independent researcher, who follows a gut knowing that there's more to the story.

I've just finished listening to David Icke at Wembley Arena in London this past October 27th. From the site: "The revolution will not be televised, so it's essential we reach as many people. What he suggests is to "have an awakening party all day long - and celebrate life and the lifting of the veil." David Icke is one of the few out there willing to talk about root causes, rather than symptoms of what's put humanity in a critical crisis. He's not afraid to expose what's taboo (like child sexual abuse) and to map out the global structures of real power. A quote from Henry David Thoreau comes to mind: "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

In other Mercury Scorpio (in retrograde) news, I saw this article on freeing your mind, from the trance and entrainment of media, particularly television. It's an expose of subliminals and the top five topics put into them -- sex, drug, food, fear and violence. And I thought this was interesting: "Subliminal messages are one of them but they are starting to phase out. They are being replaced by high-definition TVs and certain high-tech gadgets that have the ability to send certain frequency and energy patterns or codes that can influence your thought patterns. These controlling techniques are all designed to hypnotize your mind to a certain degree so they can influence how you think."

And while I can't claim to understand this, I am intrigued by what research that shows DNA is influenced by words and frequencies. I'm making the connection here, as we go deeper into a retrograde, of looking at energetic influences. Scorpio is a sign of unseen pulls, being mesmerized, hypnotized, entranced. Just look at how people are with their gadgets, unable to resist the pull. How does this make us vulnerable to shaping forces working overtime to draw our attention? Somehow I feel we're just privy this far to the tip of the iceberg, and that becoming aware (as a species), is the path to breaking free. This is the kind of thing I think about, in my own quest to living closer to natural (earth) frequencies. Thoughts?

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November 15, 2012 at 2:48 pm
(1) Mel says:

Wow… this is deep stuff, Molly. I followed some of the links from David Icke’s on child sex abuse investigations, & patterns of abuse by people in any kind of position of power… from any given abusive father in a home, all the way to the top echelons of power. This content is truly disturbing & sad. But important that we as a global society acknowledge it & look at what is **really** happening here on the planet. What is really going on right in our midst. With our children, the seeds of the next generations…

Seems a very fitting topic for the beginning of Saturn in Scorpio, at least. Molly, do you think there’s hope… that we, as human beings, on a global level… can rise in significantly into greater awareness? greater awareness of the energetic dynamics of power (the dark side of power)… awareness of healthier ways to channel sexual energy…

I’ve been studying Taoist yoga…. where we understand that all energy is at some level sexual, or life force energy… but we have to learn how to utilize it, in a healthy responsible, life-loving & respecting manner. I feel like this is perhaps a key area of learning for Saturn Scorpio… perhaps for more & more people, I don’t know.

I feel we need to summon the courage, as a society, to really acknowledge the power & deep grip of sexual energy… & how sex & power are so intimately bound up… in order to understand this force better…. with greater awareness… truly in the service of peace & life – towards creating the world that most of us want to see more of, deep in our hearts…

My hunch is this is the kind of knowledge & intelligence that society needs to graduate into (enough w/ our adolescent, hypocritical, denial-based understanding of sexuality!), but it’s going to require some kind of en-masse collective courage to really go there, to get dark & dirty & *real*… really real.

Interested in any further thoughts you might have to share.

November 15, 2012 at 3:57 pm
(2) Molly says:

Hi Mel,
My solar juice is limited, but let me quickly throw out a few thoughts. Of course, this is such a taboo subject, but I agree with what you’ve written here. Sexual energy is really where many of us lose our power, and it’s disturbing to see porn so prevalent (or so I read) among younger age groups. Although I haven’t fully thought it out, I see the rush into sex one of the big ways young people lose their way. It seems that things go in reverse. You have sex, then fret about whether it’ll work out or not. The energetic-sexual investment is already there — and that’s what Saturn Scorpio could do here, is redraw boundaries.
It’s not a matter of weakness, but of what’s saturating the culture. What’s lost when people merge bodies with someone they hardly know? It compounds the woundedness and sense of degradation.
A start is to encourage young men and women to honor their own bodies. But how would we do that when they’re steeped in other messages? I think the path to wholeness and sacred sexuality is a choice to make, but the disease of the culture, at this point in time makes it seemingly a road less traveled. One thing that helped me, I’m sure, is turning off my television in my twenties.
Thanks for chiming in — my Neptune is Scorpio, and maybe my group has something to offer here, something healing. Of course, art, music, dance, anything that shows healthy sexuality — or overcoming wounding — would also be grand…and they’re out there.

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