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Darryl Hannah, Demonstrating Courage

By December 3, 2012

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With so many celebrities seemingly mute on the controversial issues of our time, actress Daryl Hannah is passionate and willing to take risks for what she believes in. She's a Sagittarius Sun (December 3rd, 1960) and we see from her chart on AstroWiki that her Moon is in Gemini, 8 degrees ahead of the Sun. She was born a few days after a dark Moon, giving her a New Moon personality. She is eager to act on visions, enthusiastic but in the vulnerable first stages. Along with the mutable Sun-Moon combo, this initiatory nature keeps her mind busy and her body in forward motion. Like many Sadges, she's very physical -- into snowboarding and playing with her dogs.

She's well known from her movies, but is becoming a presence as an activist, too. She's been arrested a few times taking a stand, the first was featured in a documentary called Fierce Light, with the very Sagittarian subtitle, "when spirit meets action." Most recently, she was charged with criminal trespassing for protesting the TransCanada Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. The foreboding twist is, she was arrested on private property, with the elderly owner of that land. Darryl Hannah's 'net portal is called DH Love Life where she posts video blogs, and shares tips on living off-grid and the vegan lifestyle.

Sagittarius is the visionary, but much in her chart is activating for what's deeply felt -- that are gifts for an actor and an activist. There's a compelling sense of responsibility, with her Sun's ruler Jupiter in the dedicated sign of Capricorn. This forms a solid grounding drive to both Pluto (in Virgo) and Neptune (in Scorpio), two generational planets. She grows steadily and makes a lasting mark (Jupiter) from a sense of service (Pluto) and practical wisdom about turning what's toxic into new growth (Neptune). She's got a compost loo, for example!

I admire Darryl Hannah, as someone who is living her values. Her mid-heaven (public image/life's work) is Aquarius, and she's certainly had some quirky roles on the screen. But as an activist -- someone who is activated and playing a role on the public stage -- she shines as someone willing to demonstrate courage "in person." She's a heroine ahead of her time. Happy Birthday to you, and many happy (solar) returns!

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