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2012 & The Intuition of "Head, Heart and Hand"

By December 10, 2012

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In musing on the 2012 phenomenon, I came across an article called In the Vortex, by Julian Rose, whose bio states he's a pioneer organic farmer. It's these mystical realization kinds of articles that draw me in, rather than the scholarly-type ones that attempt to explain the Mayan Long Count calendar.

His answer to "what's going on,?" is simply that our solar system is "fast approaching the central gravitational plain of the greater Universe of which it is a part." He writes, "A cyclic event, it seems, which comes around only once every 26,000 years, representing the culmination of a great voyage through the cosmos as well as possibly marking a certain stepping stone in human evolution."

It's significant that to me he's an organic farmer -- he's someone who has instinctively been drawn to intimacy with the Earth and growing things. What's breaking apart, he says, is the overlay, a decaying culture of hierarchy in its death throes now. As we near the super black hole (the galactic center), the waves pulse out messages that we pick up. What's coming through loud and clear is an intuition to reconnect, bridge that gap that's thrown us out of whack. Rose describes it as a restoration of "head, heart and hand." He writes, "Then to also allow a certain dissolving of the overtly intellectual field of expression to which our Western European culture has become so firmly attached; allowing in its place a more subtle and intuitive state to emerge."

In the last few years, my husband and I have followed an instinct to do as Rose writes, "fore-sake the city pavement for the plough, so as to sculpt a fresh furrow in the field of life." Besides having your own healthy veg, growing things helps you get your natural groove back. You can tune in to the Sun-Earth relationship, and gain confidence in creating with your own "head, heart and hand."

I've been asked by my astro buddy Robert Phoenix to join his show Navigating the Astrological Matrix. In bringing back my focus to the Sun at the center of the spiral galaxy, it's reawakening a sense of magic. And helping to make sense of one dimension to all this personal dissolving of old matrices, in the bigger rhythm of the 2012 era. So much of it is about letting go.

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