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Molly Hall

Insomnia and Solar Flares

By December 11, 2012

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It's significant to hear someone from academia talk about solar flares and physical symptoms like insomnia. In an interview on Veritas Radio, Dr. Robert Schoch, a tenured professor at Boston University, says, "Oh yeah, it seems to be affecting people, there are definitely mood changes and it affects sleep patterns, that sort of thing."

We are currently in a solar maximum, and that means the Sun is very active. Robert Schoch's book looks like a timely read -- it's called Forgotten Civilization, the Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future. He talks about Easter Island and its strange fall out shelters -- were these from solar events? And he weaves an interdisciplinary theory about solar events that altered Earth at the end of last Ice Age (approx. 9700 BCE).

Mel Fabregas, the interviewer, asks Schoch if earlier societies were more in touch with astrology and astronomy to determine the future. "Oh yes, absolutely, I think when you look at ancient cultures, ancient civilizations, ancient legends around the world....people were in touch with the larger cycles of time, the larger cycles of nature. I think we see glimmerings of that in a number of ancient legends, which are more than just legends....but ancient concepts." He notes then the turn over of the Mayan calendar, and the attention there, and how it synchs with increased solar activity. The Earth has had dramatic changes, he says, that are confirmed by geologic evidence, and that show up as "legends" of the ancients. "That's something the ancients were attuned to, and we have lost."

I share this now as someone sensitive to this call and response from the Sun to Earth -- the flaring and geomagnetic storms. It's rare to see it framed like this in the context of the longer cycles. Check out the interview above (the first hour is free), and become a member to hear the entire interview. This book could be a great gift, too.

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