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Molly Hall

Venus Sagittarius Spikes the Punch

By December 15, 2012

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Venus is in light-hearted fire sign Sagittarius now to January 8th. Venus Sagittarius puts us in a merry mood for the season of get-togethers, able to be a cheerful traveler and move in and out of conversation freely. The startling bluntness of this Venus is refreshing, after so much hand-wringing. Venus Sadge is about the joy of telling it like it is, being true to your own philosophy.

When Venus is transiting in Sagittarius, it's satisfying to compare whirled views. The sharing is less emotionally loaded, and if your mind is open, each person's point of view can lead to a stretched perspective.

But holiday time is also when we're obligated to sit and converse with family, or random acquaintances that pass through our orbit. Sometimes, it's the experience of big gaping maws of perception, as if someone is living in a completely different reality! The cordiality of Venus in Sagittarius is a frisson to ease those awkward moments.

Venus is shift-shapey mutable in Sagittarius, and there's a restless desire for breathing room (freedom) in relationships. There's a real interesting ride with Venus in the next while. First, there's a square to Neptune (Dec 16th) and then a trine to the spontaneous dazzler Uranus (Dec 19th) in fire sign Aries.

I see here a forecast for burning off illusion about friends and lovers, to get out of stagnation. We become aware of any clashes in world view or spiritual resonance. It can signal a time to break free of those "on another wavelength." And a time of attracting kindred spirits, who share your vision for the future.

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December 17, 2012 at 4:42 pm
(1) katwife says:

Jupiter is RX now – could that be the egads backward moment I maybe feeling? I see it is supposed to go direct in January thankfully leading all on a more stable path. Couldn’t leave a comment on your most recent posts on Jupiter in Gemini?!?!

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