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Molly Hall

Jessica Murray's Take on Recent Tragedies

By December 19, 2012

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Once you've become aware of hidden storyline, agents and agendas -- one that's buried below the official packaged news -- it's a cinch to connect dots. You become savvy about the media assaults, and less vulnerable to its emotional punch in the gut. The observer is there, to question, take in multiple views, make up your own mind. Perhaps the reason so many "mainstream" outlets are losing readership to alternative media is that readers sense there's more to the story.

I asked author Jessica Murray to weigh in on the recent tragedy in Newtown, knowing she sees into the layers of an event. She uses the language of astrology to give texture and meaning to current events. With a long view, she begins her analysis, "We are seeing ever more extreme expressions of the social dysfunctions that accompany a dying age. "

As a bonus, I've added my two cents from my own perspective. This is coming not from watching or seeing the images directly, but of the feeling waves and psychic impressions I get as it holds the attention of the collective. I see an urgent need to protect our innocence, psyches and to find ways to ride the wave without being pulled under. This is after all, a powerfully spiritual time, a season of peace, joy and wonder.

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December 22, 2012 at 11:21 pm
(1) Mel says:

Molly… thank you for posting about this, the “recent events”… I have been following the trail of news & speculation since you posted this, & it is all too disturbing…!!! And apparently the nanny murder in NYC about 2 months ago ties right in with Libor too.

Too many dots that are too close together NOT to be connected, imho… anyway. Dark stuff to face, but — entirely believable, I think.

Anyway, again, thanks. Looks like a lot of people have taken up looking into this so… good to know one is not alone in thinking these events are important to scrutinize, even as they disturb.

December 22, 2012 at 11:38 pm
(2) Molly says:

Thanks for your input Mel. I also find it oddly coincidental that the author of the Hunger Games is from Newtown. The astrologer Robert Phoenix made mention of the name “Newtown” and this event, as signaling a transition…the “New Town” is one of fear, lockdown, etc. This also was my first thought with it. The darkness in the world of finance is real, and perhaps that’s what we’re facing with Pluto Capricorn, especially with its mutual reception of Saturn Scorpio. The underworld and multi-generational conspiracy that’s almost too surreal to believe is being brought to awareness. Each of us plays a role, and thank goodness, nobody has to shoulder all the burden. If there’s a tipping point, maybe it will be that the awareness of this reaches critical mass — and it begins to be brought out and faced. The truth will set us free….

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