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Molly Hall

Sparky New Year's Eve

By December 31, 2012

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The mood for New Year's Eve celebrations is voltaic, with an electric Mars (in Aquarius) throwing sparks in the air with a sextile to Aqua's ruler Uranus (in Aries). It's traditional to wear shimmery metallic on New Year's Eve -- see a gallery of Aquarius fashion -- and this syncs with tonight's currents.

The party scene is charged with a sense that something extraordinary could happen. Meeting unusual or somehow compelling people, strange turns of events, spontaneous changes in plans -- all are possible when "anything is possible." There's a prompt to act in freer and more authentic ways, perhaps showing a side usually kept under wraps.

All this excitement happens under a lively Leo Moon, for vibes of playfulness, funny flirting and genuine warmth. The Moon meets early (4:52 pm EST) with Venus (Sagittarius), and that's the launch for a time of being void-of-course. We ring in the New Year, with a v/c Moon, a time of unreality that suits this transition into the new Gregorian calendar year. It's a time to reflect and for some, drift out of the old and into the new.

Maybe it was all the focus on this year's solstice, but I felt the solar New Year more strongly than ever at that time. Like my birthday, which is July 4th, I tend to stay cozy at home on this night. The buzz of the charged air makes me want to find ways to ground it, which is a preoccupation for Capricorn month. And the excitement in the air, and eagerness to embrace a New Year, adds power to this sacred season of emergence. I wish you all a Happy New Year!

See also January Forecast for an overview...riding the shock waves of the new, thinking outside the box, finding practical understanding and application for "out there" ideas or plans.

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January 3, 2013 at 2:37 am
(1) Mel says:

Geez… my New Years eve was quirky & aquarian largely in retrospect… long story… but… a situation arose that in retrospect was surreal, knowing what I know now… let’s just say alcohol was involved. And feelings.

Molly… I am the pisces/cancer rising, inverse to your combination. I remember you saying fire sign men were some of your greatest teachers in the past, I assume you mean emotionally. I just got my final schooling for a while from one of these men, I think. I won’t blame it all on astrology really, but… wow. The lessons I have learned from this guy… have been epic. He’s all leo & sag. A venus in cancer that pulled me in, pulled both of us in, I guess. (for a time) Hopefully these lessons are making me into a great soul in the process… or something.

Tonight we finally addressed events & feelings that have been brewing for 9 months or so. I confirmed that I think it’s best not to hang out for a while. Hence I say, optimistically, that it may very well be my final schooling from this guy. Bring me someone with some water & earth… or more importantly, with their life, & emotional body, together…

Thanks for letting me vent. Glad to get this cleared up right at the beginning of the year, at least. All this talk about airy currents fuels my optimism that I can take this situation in stride, & things can keep moving…

January 3, 2013 at 9:29 pm
(2) Molly says:

I hear you Melanie, and am reminded how we meet people that are right for us at the time. That fire sign guy — a huge teacher for me — was a mirror for fire in me. But it doesn’t express itself the way his did. I know every situation is different…and that we water/sensitives can be ‘dried up’ or scorched by fire signs, if the timing is off and the chemistry. I know for me, a huge life lesson is respecting my rhythm and sensitivity, so I can be strong – and act on instinctual fire that’s there. Very wise to see a bit of a silver lining. In retrospect, all these years later, I stayed in too long and got too hurt. The decision to pull away and protect yourself, even if it’s hard and devastating in the short term, can be a very wise one. Much love, Molly

January 4, 2013 at 1:05 pm
(3) Melanie says:

Thanks Molly, your comment is helpful. You know… I was contemplating today that — I perceived something when I met him that was – heartbreaking. Simply spending time with him made me very emotional immediately… it’s like he activated my “heart wound” somehow, but I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on. Fast forward 9 months & — maybe I see now that I was perceiving then, with the eyes of the heart or spirit – just how profoundly emotionally damaged he is. I find it kind of tragic. He has ended up being one of the most beautiful & magnetic people I have ever encountered, but & also, sadly, one of the most toxic. There is a history of alcoholism in his eastern european family (serbia/croatia), & I feel that that has something to do with it. Both the exuberance & charm he is capable of, & also the damage, negativity & toxicity.

So – there you have it. I’ve communicated to him that he’s hurt me & – it’s clear now that this situation is unworkable. I feel a peace & a release that it’s finally over. Which is good because — I’ve got a whole new year stretching ahead of me!

Your comment makes me feel like I should tune into, & trust that (sometimes seemingly irrational) sensitivity more… live more in tune with it. You know I’ve never wanted to live as this guarded kind of person… but I guess the grown-up reality is that you kind of have to, until you have a good idea of what you’re dealing with.

Live & learn… thanks again :)

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