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Molly Hall

Happy New Year - Take Your Time

By January 1, 2013

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Here in the South, we always eat black-eyed peas on New Year's Day for luck. Some locales call it Hoppin' John, which I first heard here in the coastal Lowcountry. I saw many at the store yesterday buying collards, and the green is symbolic for money (abundance). I'm going to chop in kale and chard from my garden. Corn bread goes with it, to attract all that's golden.

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to share my sensitivity and perception more boldly. More creative risk and less fear. But I'm just drinking in the freshness today, with no specifics, and that's how it is. I 'm considering now until the New Moon in Capricorn (January 11th), the New Year visioning period.

I like the idea of New Year's themes -- experiences sought -- instead of resolutions. Along those lines, I came across Waverly Fitzgerald's blog on Candlemas Collages (coinciding with Imbolc, Feb 2nd. Her collages of past years have themes like Spaciousness, Refreshment, Presence.

One theme that's looking attractive is courage, especially since Uranus will be conjunct my Saturn (in Aries) in a few months. And this activates the square to my Cancer Sun. Like a lot of cardinals, I'm feeling the big squeeze of Uranus-Pluto. That's partly why I'm wanting to avoid rushing to create resolutions. This feels like new territory. As always feel free to share your thoughts....

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January 1, 2013 at 4:19 pm
(1) mmillie says:

dearest molly,

i really appreciate and resonate with your idea of drinking in the freshness today…simple and light. i’ve been slowing winding down the last week and allowing myself to rest as much as possible, trying to have gratitude for the past year and all it’s lessons and challenges. the sun is out for the first time in two weeks here in the colorado mountains and it’s giving that air of freshness an encouraging push. i too am feeling inclined to use the next days until the new moon to spend time feeling where i have allowed myself room to expand as well as how to share who and what i am with others. i like your theme of courage to do this…i will be giving this heartfelt space!

part of my gratitude is giving so much thanks to all the amazing healers and helpers i’ve had and continue to have on this journey…so many thanks to you, dear molly , for your courageous sharing! many wishes for a most beautiful new year~ love, millie

January 1, 2013 at 6:50 pm
(2) Molly says:

Hi Millie, I’m glad my post resonated – I find that more and more I don’t want to rush anything…that I want to have the patience to see what’s emerging, without putting old frames on it. I was saying prayers of gratitude today in my grove today and also asking to be led by spirit with this site, and a blessing for all who land here.
Thank you for being such a strong presence here in 2012. Wishing you all that’s bright, abundant, fun and sacred, and courage, too!

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