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Molly Hall

Mercury-Uranus: Shock of the New

By January 3, 2013

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I'm waiting on a gadget that powers-up my computer, after mine fizzled out. This and dark, rainy skies (which means little solar power) has disrupted my plans. It's forced me to come at my work from other angles (offline), at least for the next few days.

I can't help but see a parallel here with Mercury (in productive Capricorn) square to discombobulator Uranus (in Aries). This first startling aspect of the January 2013 forecast is forcing me out of my familiar groove. Every astrological aspect is up for interpretation, so here I see the urge to go with the tried and true (my usual January line-up of 'scopes) is being scrambled by something beyond my control. I can get frustrated (which I have done), and then I can embrace the open and unfamiliar. With Uranus Aries as messenger, I can feel free and go with the challenge of the moment.

Other ways this Mercury-Uranus could manifest:
  • The formulaic way of doing things becomes obsolete and ineffective.
  • What's hot -- originality; fresh currents awaken; energized (passionate) presenters; the one willing to stand in their truth.
  • An event happens that makes it clear that old rules don't necessarily apply.
  • Breaking free of obligatory or standard communication in favor of what has vitality.
  • Finding the compromise between what's required (at school or work, for example) and the freedom to experiment, be creative.
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January 3, 2013 at 7:33 pm
(1) Melanie says:

Does this transit apply retroactively to New Years Eve too?

“An event happens that makes it clear that old rules don’t necessarily apply.”

Both my roommate & I had very epic, intense & ultimately confusing & frustrating evenings… where indeed it seems like the game just changed dramatically, all of a sudden. (you can see my venting account of things in the “Sparky NYE” comments below)

Thanks Molly.

January 3, 2013 at 9:21 pm
(2) Molly says:

Yes, I think it could have been in play in this window….Mercury and its higher Octave Uranus. Have to say Uranus wins here, and it can feel unsettling, but ultimately, freeing. Almost has felt like a Mercury retro for me lately, with the technical problems. On the upside, listening to more music, and developing my ideas off-line – should have lots of material when I get my set-up in working order – and a fresh outlook too.
Thanks for sharing your experience (s).

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