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Pluto Transit to (Natal) Mercury - An Astrologer's Experience

By January 8, 2013

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Pluto transits can cause temporary toxic tipping point, as it brings a rush of formerly hidden psychic material to the surface. We gain access to more of who we are, as what's been stuffed down or denied, demands to be known. But for awhile, we can feel messed up. The integration process takes time (sometimes years!) and transforms the planet-area it touches.

In a journal-style, astrologer-author Eileen Grimes is back with her entry Pluto's Transit to (Natal) Mercury. Since Uranus is in a historic square to Pluto, these are a package deal and a dance of breakdown and breakthrough. Writes Eileen, "Pluto will unearth the issue, then we process it, then Uranus helps us discard and detach from it."

See also Uranus Transit to (Natal) Mercury -- entering trippy frontiers. Find more writings and info about astrological readings at Eileen Grimes.com.

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