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Molly Hall

Capricorn New Moon in Pictures, January 11th, 2013

By January 9, 2013

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So often, I'll be reading something that exactly fits what I'm wanting to convey here. The latest is The Four Agreements by Toltec nagual (shaman) Don Miguel Ruiz, who is also an MD.

He writes of the the domestication of humans, where through punishment and reward, we're conditioned to integrate the beliefs of the culture. It's so strong, that soon we're what he calls the autodomesticated animal with strict self-adherence to the belief system, or what Ruiz calls, "a Book of Law that rules our mind." This instantly made me think of the activation of a freer self with Uranus (big mind) in Aries, and the revolutionary effect of that on individuals and all of culture.

This stood out, as Ruiz writes, "Whatever goes against the Book of Law will make you feel a funny sensation in your solar plexus, and it's called fear. Breaking the rules in the Book of Law opens your emotional wounds, and your reaction is to create emotional poison."

That's where the courage of Aries (via the rebel Uranus) comes in, to go against what's so deeply ingrained. And that to me illustrates the ongoing growth surges and dismantling -- happening all at once or out of order -- of the Uranus-Pluto square.

And here at the New Moon in Capricorn, there's a strong Uranus-Saturn dance, where we seek to discern the difference between what's stable, and what's stifling (and not authentic). And to trust instincts on when to act, and when to be stealthy, to wait for conditions to line up in our favor. It's also living with the stretching effect of the emerging self, while tending to responsibilities (work, family, etc).

A Mars-activated Saturn (Scorpio) is an ally for profound healing of these emotional wounds and transmuting poisons. This lunation kicks off a year when beliefs open or close doors -- which are timeless, and which needlessly restrictive? Give yourself time and space to deal with anxious feelings, for integration.

This can be an unsettled and portentous dark of the Moon, so take time to come down from your day, find some quiet. The New Moon is this Friday, January 11th at 2:44 am EST.

January 10, 2013 at 8:32 am
(1) Liz says:

Thanks so much dearest Molly! Comforting, helpful, and interesting, as ever. xxx

January 11, 2013 at 8:29 pm
(2) Molly says:

Blessings of the New Moon to you Liz!

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