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Saturn (transiting) Scorpio - Wising Up to the Occult

By January 10, 2013

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It's extraordinary how occult symbols have become the norm in popular culture. If you're curious about this, check out the research of former music industry insider Vigilant Citizen. I'm sure you've seen the pyramid, with the eye of the mysterious Illuminati in the capstone. Who or what is the overarching power is not exactly clear, with many theories about that. But we can see those held in its sway, as if possessed by a supernatural force that gives them worldly power -- for a price.

So during this transit of Saturn through Scorpio (to end of 2014) will more of us perceive the spell casting that's happening through various mediums? What's usually called mind control is really more like soul control, and Saturn (authority) can potentially make us wise to these hidden forces and dimensions (Scorpio). I see this as a critical concern of our time, and quite possibly part of a larger battle for hearts and minds, and the future.

This morning I came across an article by metaphysician Stuart Wilde called Death of the Occult. That word means hidden, but he's using it to identify hidden black magic -- forces that skillfully use symbols, memes and emotional manipulation to evoke certain ends. Wilde writes, "The central tenant of the occult, is a feigned elitism and the desire to legislate over others or control them."

This brings us to the reality that power is an aphrodisiac for some, and Scorpio is a sign that's tested by this ability to control -- "because they can." On the individual level, it's manipulating someone so they'll stay close or psychically dependent. On the cultural level, it's casting a spell so masses of people fall for a lie, or make it appear glamorous to indulge the darker impulses of human nature.

I'm part of the Neptune in Scorpio generation (1956 to 1970), and have always been fascinated (and at times afraid) of occult power. My mother told me the Ouija board was an instrument of the devil -- now I wouldn't use one, but for other reasons. I'm seeing how Neptune (the dissolver) in Scorpio in my 9th house has been a quest to discover what's real about the (hidden) mysteries.

I've experienced encounters with entities, both malevolent and protective -- and this is what Wilde mentions in his article. Saturn's transit through Scorpio can lead us to new tools of self-protection against opportunistic energy vampires (both in the physical and in other dimensions).

Will Saturn, as the planetary archetype of authority, in Scorpio, show us the way to reclaiming wisdom about unseen forces and dimensions? A healthy potential step is reclaiming (Western) traditions that had and have an intimacy with the mystery. This line of inquiry is (for me) a work-in-progress..... Thoughts?

  • The generation with Pluto in its own sign Scorpio is the youth culture now, born 1983/4 to 1995. Wielding power to heal (or control), create or destroy. Going to "hell and back" -- rising like a Phoenix, becoming wise and able to transform what's toxic, corrupted and dead. Fascination with the mysteries, sexuality and the power to undergo metamorphosis.

    See also The Powerful Use Esoteric Knowledge While Keeping it From Humanity, - empower yourself by awakening consciousness, from Waking Times.

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