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Molly Hall

The Moon in Druidcraft Tarot

By January 13, 2013

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I've been agitated, and aware of the need to integrate some intense energies, including what seems to be some kind of healing-clearing of the 2nd chakra area. A few days ago, I wrote about the Mars-activated Saturn, churning up the cauldron of psychic debris. And after mentioning it in this post on the Capricorn New Moon, this came home for me, in the area linked to Scorpio -- the womb/2nd chakra and center of creative energies.

This Moon card is from the Druidcraft Tarot illustrated by Will Worthington. In the companion book, by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, the authors write of the Moon's link to the wellspring of creativity, "a mysterious and intriguing realm that can ensnare us in delusion as well as inspire us with visions."

With its waxing crescent, you too might be inspired by this image, as we emerge into the new cycle. The crab (a symbol of Cancer) is there, coming out of the sea to represent something surfacing to conscious awareness. At this stage, writes the Carr-Gomms, the Moon "reveals what The High Priestess conceals, and here we enter the realm of the Goddess and the deepest feminine mysteries." "The two stones represent the Gateway of Fear that leads to Rebirth, and the wolf and dog are Guardians of the Threshold, and also potential allies and guides into other other world that lies beyond the gateway."

This year 2013 looks to be one where faith is restored, when we're able to summon emotional courage, for whatever crawls up onto the psychic shoreline. That's the promise of Jupiter into Cancer (June 25th), which will trine both Saturn and Neptune this summer. I see this as a time when the balancing reality of the feminine is restored more fully -- in the arts, and in spiritual and public life. Look for 'scopes this week, and be good to yourself!

Druidcraft Tarot/(c) Will Worthington
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