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Molly Hall

Horoscopes 2013 & Getting Shipshape

By January 15, 2013

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Capricorn month tends to give me some organizational ability, that slips out of my fingers the rest of the year. So I'll be working on the bones of the site, for a better reader experience. I know time is of the essence -- to act on these rare (for me) energies. The rhythm will surely shift, and with a watery 2013 forecast, especially after Summer Solstice. It's a good time to make sure the vessel is seaworthy.

Along those lines, check out the writings of Austin Coppock, and a preview of his 2013 Astrological Almanac, with its theme, Ship of Fools. Coppock is the current President of the Association of Young Astrologers and his writing style is vividly descriptive, fresh.

Here's a sample: "The surfeit of water makes 2013 thick with....feelings. It will be a difficult year to avoid the emotional level of things, as the tide will wash back all that you throw away. It will prove difficult for the earthy types that prefer to stick to the facts, fiery types who'd rather act first and delve into motivations later. The rational air type will fare better here, as air's ability to dehydrate, to evaporate, to analyze will be utterly crucial in making sense of the various floods. Watery types may feel at home, their emotional intelligence and ability to subtly navigate invisible currents of great value."

I'm a watery type, and got pulled under at the New Moon -- a familiar experience, but one that's also different every time. This fits with Coppock's forecast for drowning, "being thrown into the deep end of the pool without warning." A question then, is how can we fortify ourselves now, or make the most of the relative calm before the storm. For me, it's looking at the structure of things, while I have that kind of sight.

For my take on this year's astrology see Horoscopes 2013, Short & Sweet Stars for each Sign.

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January 16, 2013 at 8:15 am
(1) Liz says:

Thank you for your amazing 2013 horoscopes, dear Molly! I felt so reassured by my Cancer horoscope, especially this, “Take heart, in times of dissolution, when you’re feeling lost — much is being cleared out and transformed. This year offers riches, and a chance to alter your course”. I’m still having a really tough time of it, and your words are so reassuring. I love the Bilbo Baggins reference too, as it’s so true! But like the Hobbit, once adventure gives me a good kick up the butt, I give myself over to it. And your Libra horoscope describes so exactly one of my dearest friends – we were both knocked for six by it, as she has just started to go into business, in a new, wonderful and alternative way, xx

January 16, 2013 at 7:19 pm
(2) Molly says:

Hi Liz!
Thanks for that feedback… ; ) Makes me smile. Your friend on the path, Molly

January 16, 2013 at 8:05 pm
(3) Lili says:

So many good articles, dear Molly, in the last few days, that I gulped all at once, and again got reinforced in my belief that 2013 is gonna be a good year for Scorpio. Thanks!! Feel encouraging for us water signs all these news about water element present to such an extent. Amazing! Your reference to Mr.Cappock’s Almanac is highly appreciated, I found his writings very compelling, too. Now I’m really curious how this all will turn out to be, so it would be interesting at the end of the year to do a little analysis on how much of our great expectations for 2013 got materialized. You are giving us here so many valuable threads and names and titles too! Thanks Molly!

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