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Capricorn to Aquarius - Get Your Freq On

By January 19, 2013

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I remember the exact place I was (near Central park in NYC) when I realized that every year, there's a Full Moon in Leo in January. And how it's matched with the Aquarius Sun, and it's followed by an Aquarius new Moon. The same cycle of new and full Moons -- in its dance with the Sun -- repeats in a circular fashion, round and round we go. For me, it was an ah-ha about the order in the universe, -- in a chaotic world, it is something to count on!

Every earthed spirituality is based on the wheel, and the circular nature of life (seasons, the life cycle, the Moon's waxing and waning, etc). A way to understand the basics of astrology is through cyclical rhythms. One is the solar seasons from Aries to Pisces, another is the triplicity of cardinal, fixed and mutable.

Today (January 19th, 2013) then, we have a shift (ingress) of the Sun and Mercury from cardinal Capricorn to fixed Aquarius. Earth sign Cardinal begins the last trio (Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) before Spring equinox and 0 Aries, the re-set of the Zodiac.

The Sun (vitality) and its advisor/messenger planet Mercury both ingress into Aquarius -- how might this be experienced? The move is from cardinal earth to fixed air. Capricorn is Saturn ruled, for dealing with the form. With Aquarius, it's Saturn AND Uranus -- now you find out if you'll get where you're wanting to go, with your current mindset. The fresh, clear air of Aquarius frees from having to do things a certain way, as well as dropping in surprises out of the blue. The rooted worldly preoccupations of Capricorn get a download of stimulating currents -- for breaking out of established grooves, integrating new ideas into what's working so far.

  • The high standards set in Capricorn season give way to experimentation -- same ambition, but freer vibe to go about things your way.
  • Reaching out to colleagues, allies, potential collaborators. Socializing and networking with more detachment.
  • Time for visioning, considering concepts and theories. An innovation is envisioned, and put into (thought) form.
  • Consider the fringey, a personal taboo or something somehow futuristic to expand your horizons.
  • Mix with people who are outside your usual social circle.
  • Seek out far-out ideas and people, make new friends.
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