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Love Supreme with Venus-Neptune

By February 4, 2013

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Venus and Neptune are the Jr. and Sr. octaves of love, and both are deliciously charged up this week of Feb 4th. An auspicious series of alignments makes this a pinnacle for the finer expressions, the angelic, tenderly romantic or forgiving. If you've got angst about Valentine's Day, look for ways to transcend the usual, to bring the magic back. Go with the (love) flow, act on the messages of the soul!

The Love Supreme - Venus-Neptune Aspects

Mars- Neptune (Pisces) alignment (Monday, 4th): athletics or exercises that are also an art; spirit in motion; miraculous timing; moments that seem supernatural; acting on a vision; working vitally behind the scenes for a soul-led goal; defending the defenseless (children, animals, elderly, persecuted); creativity fueled by the imagination.

Mercury into Pisces (Tuesday, 5th): the human voice notes or resonance transmits energy currents; the arts; right brain; divine inspiration.

Mercury trine Neptune in Pisces (Wednesday, 6th) - transporting people with a story; painting the picture with words; visual language; art that initiates.

Venus (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Gemini): faith is restored with friendship; originality is cherished and opens doors; high romance with respect; love surprises out of the blue.

This is a darkening Moon week, with a New Moon Saturday (Feb 9th). That possibly makes much of this a very private, inward process, with epiphanies that set a metamorphosis in motion. With this rare sight, and in the restful Dark of the Moon, there's magic afoot...

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