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Sun and Neptune in Pisces - Spiritualized

By February 19, 2013

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My man and I have been watching the series V, which is a rare convergence of what we both like. With the Sun into Pisces, I'm thinking of the reptilian queen Anna who delivers bliss to her people. This is like a drug, and she uses it to keep her subjects in thrall. She is not who she appears to be, of course, and has a sinister agenda for humans. Pisces can be about false prophets, and being gullible, or slipping into the net of someone else's control.

Pisces is the last sign, and in a way, the Sun here is like the balsamic or Dark Moon phase, but for the solar cycle. Pisces month for me, often is one of moments of being blissed out, and as the final sign, one for resolving, releasing....to prepare for the burst of the new with Aries. The idea is that there are many ways to experience something transcendent, and sometimes, as with Anna, there's a destructive element to it. You can also say that about addictive highs, or only seeing what you want to see with a lover or friend.

What's worth noting, is the Sun's meet up with Neptune tomorrow (February 20th), to spiritualize the house it's transiting in your chart. This can be an area where something strange or serendipitous happens, something magical or haunting. It could be an experience that reveals in a vibrant way how everything is connected. Other things warmed up by the Sun with Neptune: the power of the imagination; idealism and trust in basic goodness; a healing miracle.

This happens at 2 Pisces (Sun-Neptune), so look there in your chart. We can see an ally with Saturn retrograding back to meet Neptune, for the power trio with Jupiter by June. If we lose our heads in a Pisces haze, Saturn (in Scorpio) brings the discernment and sharp ability to sense hidden agendas. Saturn (Scorpio) reminds us of the need for self-containment and boundaries, and Neptune (Pisces) shows us when to surrender to that something higher. As they near each other in the first half of 2013, we can experiment with the right blend, to keep us moving forward on the path.

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