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The Aquarius Lover: "Like Water Through Your Fingers?"

By October 5, 2013

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It's been on my mind to look at a stereotype about Aquarius -- that their love of freedom makes them resistant to being The One and Only. That in love, they usually have many friends on speed dial.

Awhile back, a reader took my article on the Leo-Aquarius love match to task. From Readers' Leo-Aquarius Love Stories: "I think in all FAIRNESS, both signs are equally bad if they go to the dark side and DISRESPECT their partners. I've also read aquarius do the same to their partners, but leo does the same as well. The article should be FAIR."

And this is the line from Leo-Aquarius Love Compatibility in question: "One thing to consider here is fidelity. The freedom loving Aquarian is known to have a secret life, including -- gasp -- other lovers. Some Aquarians feel that certain things are none of anyone's business, even to those closest to them. This can lead to major heartbreak for the proud Lion."

Something (a little birdie) told me to see what Gary Goldschneider has to say in his book, Everyday Astrology. He writes that though Aquarian lovers are "notoriously unfaithful, Aquarius spouses are generally not." But as far as holding on to an Aquarius Lover, he writes you "have to be a wizard to keep their interest and keep their roving eyes in check." He goes on, "Like Scheherazade who wove a never-ending tale for One Thousand and One Nights, you will have to be enchanting in your approach and probably wind up sealing the deal with the act of marriage, eventually. The more you try to hold on to Aquarius lovers, the more you will feel them slipping like water through your fingers."

Wiki tells us that the term stereotype "derives from the Greek words (stereos), "firm, solid and (typos), "impression," hence "solid impression." Stereotypes come from observation, but are broad strokes, rather than the nuanced portrait. Aquarians are ruled, in part by Uranus, the planet of the defiant individual, and smasher of expectations. And looking at love compatibility, it's expectations that are often at odds and a big surprise.

Is it fair to single out Aquarius, and vote them most likely to cheat? No way, as it's also a sign of high integrity...and all signs have a shadow side. Very often with astrological portraits, we're looking at the broad strokes, for illustration purposes. So I hope readers will look at astro interps in this way -- as an impression only, that's been observed, but has many nuances and variations (based on the whole birth chart).

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October 6, 2013 at 2:17 pm
(1) Melissa says:

Stereotype is a judgement and often just the epidermis of the ego. Often these surfaces are a facade due to circumstances of how one might be evolving for themselves or even, evolving for another’s sake. I feel the same goes for the sun signs. It is just the outer layer of an egg, but the real protein of oneself is within the yolk. So yes, thank you for reminding us that we should never make assumptions that just because someone has a particular sign that they fall into a labeled category of being.

October 6, 2013 at 3:18 pm
(2) Molly says:

Thanks for sharing your take Melissa. It’s a thing we do in astrology, to understand the differences between these factors in astro. We often reinforce stereotypes, which are based in part on ‘solid impressions’ that have come from direct experience or observations — of that astro placement. This is how we learn to differentiate this from that.
So often though I see people taking it personally, when it is meant to be a loose and evolving interpretation. But there is some truth in it, or there can be….as with any stereotype. What I wanted to convey here, is not to get stuck on it, but to consider it …(in the light o Aquarius’ ruler being Uranus, and them being the lone wolf of the Zodiac)…but know that there are many ways it can be expressed. “Nuff said, I’m starting to bore myself!

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