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Molly Hall

2014: "Radical Balance"

By January 11, 2014

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2013 was a year of submersion, with the water element dominant at times. I just got my We'Moon calendar, with its theme Radical Balance. This year feels different, and active -- the four cardinal elements (fire, earth, air and water) are in dynamic tension.

In the astro-overview, Robin Roan Robbins writes that we're "smack in the transition stage of a societal death and rebirth, and it won't help to fight the changes. Play it safe these first few weeks; own up to unconscious urges and negotiate with them or they may run the show. Feel the wrestling with big forces and make wise long-range, non-reactive decisions. We may ache for what is leaving but use this as an inspiration to do our best in the year ahead."

The pushing part of the rebirthing gets momentum, with the initiating cardinal signs in all the elements. It's a good time to look at elemental strengths (sometimes overplayed) and vulnerabilities. The Magician in the Tarot has mastered all the elements, and they're within reach. The wands are fire; swords are air; disks/pentagrams are earth and cups are water.

When I look at a chart, one of the first things I'll do is look at the mix of elements. Is one dominant in the chart? Is there one missing?

January 25, 2014 at 12:37 pm
(1) chianka says:

So different from last years energies at this time. I feel good things happening for a lot of people I know. Thanks for the good news!

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