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Capricorn - the Goat - December 21 to January 20 - Astrology
The Dates for Capricorn change every year, so check an ephemeris if you're on the cusp. Sun into Capricorn takes us into the deep hibernation (and ...
Sun in Capricorn - Personality Profile - Astrology - About.com
Capricorn Sun traits, leaving a legacy, tradition-minded, high achievers, dark moods, need for solitude.
The Planets in Capricorn - Astrology - About.com
Sun in Capricorn Has staying power to achieve long-range goals, and needs something substantial to strive for. Disciplined and able to sustain focus in one ...
Tropic of Capricorn - Overview and Geography - About.com
The Tropic of Capricorn is an imaginary line of latitude going around the Earth at approximately 23.5 south of the equator. It is the southernmost point on Earth ...
The Equator, Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn - Geography
Three of the most significant imaginary lines running across the surface of the Earth are the equator, the Tropic of Cancer, and the Tropic of Capricorn. While the ...
When Venus is in Capricorn - Astrology - About.com
A love of wisdom and what lasts, and gravitating to the deeply satisfying real thing. Venus is in Capricorn from December 10th 2014 to December 3rd, 2015.
Capricorn New Moon in the Houses - Your Forecast - Astrology
The quest to achieve your personal best is activated with the Capricorn New Moon. Both luminaries (Sun and Moon) are in Capricorn, so this lunation rings in  ...
Tips for Winning the Heart of the Capricorn Woman - Astrology
The Capricorn woman is formidable, and has her own agenda. Some of the early dates can be like tests -- her serious nature weeds out those just looking for fun ...
The Cardinal Signs - Astrology - About.com
What are the Cardinal signs?: These are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Why are these signs grouped together?: The twelve signs of the zodiac are ...
Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2023) - What Does it Mean? - Astrology
The transit of Pluto through Capricorn is such a long one, that it's hard to fathom what life will be like in 2023, when it ends. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, ...
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