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What's Happening at the Full Moon? - Astrology - About.com
Full Moons are a spirited peak in the lunar cycle for magical workings, and taking action.
Astrological Energies of the New Moon - Astrology - About.com
The New Moon is a time to plant seeds for the future, an energetic doorway to pull in ... to know that there are many chances during the year to tap into lunar energy. ... and Full Moons are for taking action and celebrating the fruit of your effo...
Full Moon Cleansing Ritual Instructions - Astrology - About.com
New Moon rituals help you summon your whole Self, and in that magic moment, commit to intentions. At the full Moon, the energy builds and builds....there's an ...
Full Moon in Cancer - January 4th, 2015 - Astrology - About.com
Cancer Full Moon themes (emotional legacies, home and hearth, intimacy ... And any outbursts of raw energy brought on by the cardinal big squeeze can be ...
About the Full Moon in Scorpio, May 14, 2014 - Astrology - About.com
2014's Scorpio Full Moon is a doozie -- Susan Miller gives it her Monster Moon designation for intensity. Scorpio pulls us in to soul depths. And at 24 degrees ...
The Dark Moon Astrological Profile - Astrology - About.com
Also known as the "dead" Moon, this is the time when there is no solar reflection, ... when women gathered together to draw wisdom from the powerful psychic energy afoot. ... The dark Moon is private, intimate, richly renewing and full of...
Moon Phase Magic - Paganism/Wicca - About.com
Each phase of the moon has its own special correspondences. ... deities - that is, gods or goddesses associated with the power and energy of the moon. ... It's believed in some traditions that the waxing moon, the full moon, the waning moon ....
Preparing for New Moon Rituals - Astrology - About.com
Here are some ideas for welcoming the new Moon, and using it's energy to manifest change in ... The most important thing is your full presence in the moment.
Blood Moon - The October Full Moon - Paganism/Wicca - About.com
October's full moon brings falling leaves and cooler nights. ... a time when the nights are crisp and clear, and you can sense a change in the energy around you .
Full Moon Pagan Release and Healing Ritual - About Holistic Healing
Full Moon Pagan Ritual for Releasing and Purging ... Shamanism · Spirituality · Energy Healing · Highly Sensitive Persons · Holistic Healing Dictionary · Basics ...
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