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2012 and World Ages

What Will Happen?


2012 and World Ages

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2012 Mythology

Everyone is curious about 2012, especially since there are so many obvious signs of epic change. These are on the mythic level, and we can see signs of foreknowledge about this "end time" from many traditions. Like the Hopi's prophecy that the river would be flowing very fast, our consciousness, and relationship to time seems to be changing.

What on Earth?

But there are also astronomical changes. One is the dramatic loss of our earth's protective shield, known as the magnetic shield or magnetosphere. The National Geographic reports that this breach makes us vulnerable to solar winds.

As earthlings, these changes to our atmosphere affect our energy body. Some sense that that we are waking up, and remembering that we are multi-dimensional beings. That our 'junk DNA' is being activated, on the way to becoming enlightened beings. Does this mean a death of the physical body, and a transition to another dimension?

Everywhere you look, there are signs of a planet out of balance. Is it warming up, or is there a looming ice age? There is an extinction crisis, and we are unsure of our own survival. Is this a cyclical death process, that preludes a golden age?

World Ages

Astrology is a study of the patterns and cycles of time. The longest ones are epochal cycles, like the much talked about Age of Aquarius. These ages are based on the precession of the equinoxes that shifts the alignment of the Earth to the ecliptic plane. And there’s great interest in this current age as a time of the old world dying, and a new one being born. It’s fascinating that so many prophecies from so many traditions converge at this moment in time. It’s the meeting of the biblical apocalypse, a word whose root means, “unveiling,” with indigenous prophecies of a dark age of materialism that precedes a golden age.

Arousing both great anxiety and excitement, is the fact that the ancient Mayan calendar appears --according to some scholars -- to end on December 21, 2012. And this coincides with the alignment of the winter solstice Sun with the center of the galaxy AND the ecliptic plane, forming a cross. Some see this as confirmation that we’re all doomed, while others see it as the marker for an ecstatic rebirth. Perhaps there will be a long dark Moon period, when uncertainty and psychic chaos reign, because we are merged with the Source.

Scholars like William Henry see a common thread between Jesus’ prophesied return, and the opening of what Egyptian’s knew as star gates. That the alignment with the Galactic Center will put us in the birth canal, that eventually leads to a new beginning. This powerful point in the galaxy is where black holes are created and destroyed. As the name suggests, it's a center, and a portal of enormous gravitational energy. When we're aligned with this Source, will our thoughts instantly become real? Will our future be the one we expect it to be?

Cyclical Collapse

With any chaotic dissolution of the old, there's a lot of fear and anxiety about what's happening. There's the personal story - where am I heading? -- and the collective one. What's happening to us as a species?

The questions being asked, as this comes to the foreground, take us to some of the deepest questions about why we're here. Are we living through the end of a 26,000 year cycle? I guess that's something we have to live through, to find out.

Editor's Note from December 8, 2012:

When looking at cultural memes, especially ones that get this much attention, we have to take into account social engineering. The 2012 meme has been used to rachet up fear of the future, by Hollywood, in particular. My own nephew came away from the blockbuster 2012 with a "we're doomed" outlook for awhile.

On the other hand, it's been the inspiration for promoting the vision for a birth -- a new Earth and a new humanity, by new agers and leaders of the consciousness movement. Some appear ecstatic, and urge everyone to focus on "love and light" to move into the 5th dimension, with the Earth.

Since I wrote this article in 2009, I've continued to experience my own personal apocalypse (unveiling). The take-away from all the 2012 literature I've read is that our thoughts and actions matter, and we are each in a dialogue with the universe. And if the prophecies of a new world have some truth, it's going to come from recreating our inner and outer realities.

The alignment to the mysterious galactic center can be as inspiring as any other human-woven myth. It's about finding our power, as individuals, to create the world anew. It's the story of a return to the source, and being reborn.

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