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Jupiter Gemini, Mid 2012-2013

Seeing Ways Forward


Jupiter Gemini, Mid 2012-2013

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Dates and Deets

Jupiter is in Gemini from June 11th, 2012 to June 25th 2013. If your natal Jupiter is Gemini, it's your Jupiter return -- be alert to lucky breaks, and serendipity to scuttle you forward in wonderful ways.

Air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) experience more breathing room to spread those wings. The mental fresh air of Jupiter Gemini is heavenly manna to your nature, to expand your initiatives in every direction.

All Zodiac signs catch the drift of inspiration and novelty. If you've been mentally flatlining, Jupiter teases out that sense of curiosity again.

Mercurial Bigness

After the contained, grounded growth of Jupiter Taurus, there's a letting it fly in Gemini. Jupiter widens horizons now through mental journeying. Gemini is mutable, so Jupiter here fluffs up faith by showing that everything shifts shape -- everything changes. It's a loosening up of what's fixed. There's space for currents (to reorder or renew) to waft in, and awareness of the power to dematerialize what's dead weight in our lives.

We find new ways to rearrange the pieces, to create original forms from the genius of our minds. We're limited only by the perceptual walls we have constructed up in there. Jupiter Gemini playfully teases us out of stuck mental boxes. And breathing the fresh air, beyond mental stagnation, brings optimism and excitement about the future!

When Jovial Mercury Shines
  • Becoming a broadcaster -- starting a podcast, blogtalk show, blog.
  • Subscribing to thinkers, magazines, blogs that are a meaningful thread.
  • Being a listener and a talker.
  • Short, stimulating conversations on the go.
  • Breaking the death grip of seriousness with humor.
  • Satire and improv, storytelling, writing of all kinds.
  • Forming collectives -- art groups, living co-ops, neighborhood support networks.
  • Sharing resources with roommates, friends-as-family.
  • Meeting your future self -- a vision of who you're becoming.
  • Being free to choose your most rewarding timeline.
  • Try on the attitude that life is a game, and you're the player.
  • Consider living in two places, seasonally.
  • Throw gatherings with a mix that's eclectic, and sure to bring surprises.
Over-the-top Jupiter Gemini
  • Exhausting yourself with distractions, a feverish need to collect more news and information.
  • Too much socializing, not enough down time.
  • High strung nervous system vulnerable, darting eyes of overwhelmed human animal, too much stimulation.
  • Trips or conferences with too much mental input, not enough movement or variety.
  • Careless decisions based on only one side of things.
  • Too much sharing, not enough inward reflection.
  • High chatter levels, mind is like a leaky sieve, nothing retained.
  • Random absorbing of currents of information, without the needed discernment.
  • Being too overwhelmed to choose from so many choices.
Jupiter for the Now Age

Gemini travels light, and doesn't hold on to baggage from the past. This Jupiter year cheers us on to let go of fixed ideas of who we are. The freedom to grow and become, that's such a hot theme now, gains momentum from lightening the load.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, whose higher octave is super jolter Uranus. Right now, Uranus is in Aries, the fire sign of surging into new ways of being. Jupiter's gift, in Gemini, is to shake us out of sleepy mental states, so we're able to grok what's alive in the now.

Rewards Come When You:
  • Move freely and lightly among all walks of life.
  • Exchange first-hand information from neighbors, colleagues, extended family and friends, acquaintances.
  • Form circles based on shared interests.
  • Find comic relief, make way for the silly, absurd and 'just for fun.'
  • Give expression to many sides of your personality.
  • Keep an open mind, able to adapt to changes in yourself, those around you and culture in general.
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