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Solstice Scopes 2012


Solstice Scopes 2012

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A Star, A Star, Dancing in the Night

These solstice 'scopes -- for the time around December 21, 2012 -- are about something to ponder. That transiting Jupiter is the top planet (the apex) of an divine Finger of God formation with Saturn and Pluto. With Jupiter being the hope-bringer that throws dancing light on the path -- when all other lights go out -- this promises to be auspicious.

But it means making a choice, and one that seems to run counter to other instincts.

The instinct is to go into survival mode, but Jupiter encourages mixing with others, exchanging ideas, seeing from new angles. With Jupiter in mutable air Gemini, we grow from being curious, and seeking to know. Jupiter is in its detriment here, and its call seems like the less stable choice -- we're choosing to stretch socially and open our minds. With energies so at odds, the Jupiter leap of faith could end up being the road less traveled.

Saturn and Pluto are at the base of this Yod formation, in a solid harmony (sextile). These are the character-builders, with events that turn us inside out. The Saturn-Pluto base suggests ordeals that take everything we've got, and then some. From out of the depths of profound experiences, we grow wise and enlightened (lightening up.) This is one way to explain the choices of Jupiter in light Gemini, a breath of fresh air.

This is just a start, based on my particular perceptual field. Roll around in your mind, where your Jupiter falls in your birth chart, then Saturn and same with Pluto. These 'scopes were created from this exercise of free association. Where is the divine finger pointing for you?

Jupiter Gemini in the First House: (House of Aries and Mars) Choices: Being the social icebreaker. Physical elasticity from stretching, flexibility exercises. Making a light first impression. Social curiosity. Growing Wise from Ordeals: Loss of foundation (income, soul mate friends or beloveds); old wounds opened and healed; despair over debt entanglements; death and rebirth -- and affect on emotional/psychic health; yearning for deeper satisfaction with work.

Jupiter Gemini in the Second House: (House of Taurus and Venus) Choices: Gaining skills and dexterity, in an art or craft. Unusual wealth-building ideas. Info sharing as a key way of marketing your offerings, via a blog, ebook, etc. Making a living from products/services related to adapting to change. Growing Wise from Ordeals: Endings and beginnings in relationship. Cord cutting with emotional/energetic vampires. Crisis shared and transcended, love deepened. Obsession in love faced, finding strength to move on, be emotionally independent. Beliefs challenged and transformed. Authentic paths of seeking sought, from travel, earth paths.

Jupiter Gemini in the Third House: (House of Gemini and Mercury) Choices: Local reaching out (networking, co-ops, circles). Mixing outside your usual social orbit. Change in daily wanderings, commute or neighborhood. Wising Up from Ordeals: Coming to terms with debt, shared finances, money stress, sense of lack. Loss of status or career foundation (job or belongings). Survival fears.

Jupiter Gemini in the Fourth House: (House of Cancer and the Moon) Choices: Hosting events or parties at home. Exchanging pearls about early life-shaping experiences (through the 'net or circles). Offering workshops from home, or attending them. Wising Up from Ordeals: Profound teachings from a mentor, or finding power in that role. Loss of alliances, emergence of new circle of contacts. Overcoming isolation, seeking groups with whom to share a sense of (practical) mission.

Jupiter Gemini in the Fifth House: (House of Leo and the Sun) Choices: Laughing at the most dire personal circumstances. Self-expression that's cathartic for yourself and your 'audience.' Making more time for fun, adventure, play, light-hearted flirting. Writing a memoir or journaling, as a victorious act. Wising Up from Ordeals: Traumas that overwhelm you, shake your faith. Miraculous events that awaken you to your life purpose. Major ending with career or status. Power struggle with authority. The pain and regeneration of becoming grounded, embodied. Finding a role to play as healer, having healed yourself. Swimming in toxins, and emerging -- showing others how, too.

Jupiter Gemini in the Sixth House: (House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron) Choices: Exchanging tips and anecdotes about health, strengthening your constitution and the mind-body connection. Becoming a messenger of health, authentic presence and friendships. Collaboration on a day-to-day basis. Wising Up from Ordeals: Hitting a wall with friends -- defriending and being defriended. Waking up to areas of life where you're 'faking it.' Dealing with a squashed self-image, facing own behaviors as a result. Finding resistance from others that suggests rethinking your approach. Discovering the power of being grounded, in your body.

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