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Jupiter Cancer, Mid 2013-2014


Jupiter Cancer, Mid 2013-2014

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Dates and Deets

The beneficial one Jupiter is in Cancer from June 25th 2013 to July 16th, 2014.

Jupiter is a kind of planetary mentor, that guides travelers and keeps spirits up. Jupiter is traditionally known to be exalted in Cancer -- its gifts have ease of flow in this water sign.

Jupiter is fortuitous here, because the jovial growth happens through authentic emotional realness. The nurturing traits of Cancer are enhanced by jupiterian generosity -- this fosters an atmosphere of inclusiveness, where empathy and humane feeling prevail. With the future in flux, the philosopher Jupiter encourages the higher, loving ideals to prevail. Yay!

Many Happy Returns!

Is your natal Jupiter in Cancer? Find out by looking at your (free) birth chart. If you're a native -- someone born with Jupiter in Cancer, then it's your Jupiter return -- this is cyclical transit that happens every 12 years, and is often one of lucky serendipity. Flow with what moves you, with Jupiter in this water sign, and the currents are in your favor!

Safe Space to Thrive

Jupiter is increase and expansion. In water, Jupiter could be experienced as upsurges, welling up, outpourings and having the cup runneth over. Since Cancer is cardinal, the flood of emotions, or instinct to protect and nurture is initiating in some way. There is action, often with great feeling, that sets things in motion.

Jupiter Cancer cries out for each of us to create a sacred space in the house of the birth chart it's transiting. It helps to unplug from static, to open up the doors of the imagination and feeling. To decompress from what's been absorbed from the environment, and experience the nuances of your own intimate inner life. Think total immersion in your own wellspring -- of stories, memories, impressions and imaginings.

Jupiter fosters well-being in this sensitive sign, when we feel safe enough to let our guard down. When you come out of your shell, perhaps to yourself first, it's the start of a poignant journey.

True Sensitivity

The impulses of Jupiter Cancer can lead to a kind of re-sensitization. There are rewards for following this road less traveled, even if it means swimming against the tide of apathy or desensitization. It means daring to espouse and live values of kindness. And this leads to unexpected expanding and relaxing into new areas. The house-zones of progress are to do with personal meaning, as well as intimate (familial) bonds.

Which house is Jupiter hosting this year? Jupiter is a kind of serendipity signal, and the prompts come through the higher 'voice,' some call the higher power. Read your forecast, for Jupiter in the Houses.

Jupiter's Treasure
  • Getting to know your neighbors, forming local co-ops of exchange.
  • Experiencing the value of family ties, at times a lifesaver.
  • Family-friendly activities and entertainment. Family adventures.
  • Random acts of deeply felt care, extended widely -- perhaps even globally.
  • A revival of attention to home, a sense of place (local, regional).
  • Forming mutually supportive exchange networks, with a very human, personal touch.
  • Pooling resources for a shared goal, contributing time or resources to someone (s) in need.
  • Meeting your child self -- the one whose innocence is a treasure when protected.
  • Being free to choose your most loving timeline.
  • Journeying through the past, on a quest for threads of meaning to bring into the present.
  • Discoveries to do with water -- learning about how it is responsive, cleansing, vital for life.
  • Cheering spirits with intimate gatherings, family reunions, reconnecting with long lost friends or relations.
Overboard Jupiter Cancer
  • Being pulled in to every news trauma event, and becoming overwrought.
  • Too much light socializing, not enough closeness.
  • Too much busy work, when you're heart's not in it.
  • Healing-type gatherings that are an emotional free-for-all without time to digest what's been said, and without a safe space established.
  • Careless decisions based on the emotions of the moment, where perspective may be limited.
  • Too much sharing, without boundaries.
Rewards Come When You:
  • Act on impulses of generosity, especially to the vulnerable.
  • Exchange over-the-hedge information with those who live around you.
  • Learn about the place where you live, its traditions and history. Visit a historic site or talk to an old-timer.
  • Take the leap of faith and show warmth to those who cross your path.
  • Tune in to the emotional undercurrents of a situation, to know when to move forward.
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