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Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, 2013


Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, 2013

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Deets and Dates

The retrograde period is from June 26th to July 20th, 2013. Mercury begins at 23 Cancer and dials back to 13 Cancer. Anyone with planets around these degrees could get special alerts from the cosmos. Also, look to the house that holds these degrees in your birth chart.

Curiously, all 2013 Mercury retrogrades are in water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio). Don't miss the gift here, as a time for reflection. Mercury in the water element fills in nuances, for messages of meaning.

Mercury Cancer Linkages

These areas could pop for you, and not necessarily in a "bad" way. Even with frustration or mix-ups, there's often a silver lining. One example is family arguments that break a spell or pattern. Another is meeting someone special during an unexpected delay in travel.

  • Real estate, renovating, restoring.
  • Resting, daydreaming, and safe harbors.
  • Oceangoing vessels (cruises, cargo ships) could experience delays or distress.
  • Revisiting themes around Mothers and mothering.
  • A nation's identity, a sense of place in region, state or country.
  • Memory, the past, an emotional legacy.
  • Family origins, reunions, emotional dependencies.
  • Travel plans, homesickness, summer memories.
Emotional Shades of Meaning

The messenger in Cancer moves on what has an emotional pulse. It's the most intimate and subjective Mercury, being so at one with personal experience. A mood colors perception, and in turn, will affect how a situation or person is remembered. That makes Mercury Cancer a messenger that at times at a loss for words. At other times, the depth and sensitivity of the translation -- in whatever medium its delivered -- speaks to others in a profound way.

This retrograde cycle is time to drink deeply from the well of meaning. And that makes it a stellar time for artist dates and sabbaticals.

The cardinality of Cancer shows up in the impact of whatever has emotional truth -- its a power that pushes the scene forward. But a Mercury retrograde is traditionally a time when "reality" is very fluid. 2013 is a year that's got a watery pull -- to whirled views that are fuller and richer. This is a chance to take the road less traveled -- to unplug from the hive mind, and experiment with ways of seeing that are deeply, uniquely personal.

I described my own experience as having natal Mercury retrograde and it's in Cancer. I quoted from Jan Stiller, who wrote on natives, "In this lifetime, they are not allowed to speak superficially. To feel "straight" with themselves, they must communicate fully, from the authenticity of their entire being. Naturally, it takes time for them to get in touch with this level of authenticity."

One thing I struggle with, as a 'native,' is the pressure to be prolific. It does take time to move with the moods, and merge right-brain kinds of thinking for a result that feels right. But our culture is all about instant messaging.... This is one reason why I've streamlined my relationship to social media, being someone that needs time to respond.

Perhaps a worthy theme for this retrograde is practicing authentic responses, no matter how long it takes. And seeking out the people and settings where the intuition and emotional intelligence are valued. It's not always easy to show how much you care, especially in cultures that have been desensitized. That's where the self-protection of Cancer comes in handy -- to avoid casting pearls to swine, and to make that cardinal impact with the strength of your sensitivity.

It's a great time to look over old journals for the recurring threads of inspiration. Other ideas: memoir writing; reaching out to friends and family; scrap booking; historical research or travel; genealogy; writing snail mail.

From Cafe Astrology

"With Mercury retrograde in Cancer, this is an excellent period for getting in touch with what nurtures us and feeds our spirits, as well as our instincts. Emotional communication is not as valued as more rational approaches in our society, and now is the time to explore our more intimate, sympathetic, and emotional nature and how these affect our decision-making processes. Much of the astrology of 2013 in general encourages us to tune in in this manner."

From Dark Star Astrology

"The balancing of moods and the right and left sides of the brain is highlighted in the two zones Mercury will be traveling through. Cancer decan 2 are the devoted wolves, moody and with bolt from the blue emotions and the Cancer decan 3 are about polarity, good V evil and feelings that swing between two extremes. The themes of this retrograde period are about balancing the heat and water in our bodies and examining the ebb and tides of our emotions."

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