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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, 2013


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Deets and Dates

The retrograde period is from February 23rd to March 17th. Mercury begins at 20 Pisces and dials back to 6 Pisces.

Fluid Reality

This retrograde comes when so many are already feeling tossed to and fro by the waves of change. There’s the stress of the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square along with changes that are felt, but hard to put into words. Something fundamental is changing, and so are we.

One thing I perceive is that we're becoming aware of our place in the wider universe. Pisces is the sign of everything, from the cosmic to the living dirt. Retrogrades give us a chance to chill and integrate. This retrograde is a chance to adapt to subtle information, and hone the ability to translate the unfamiliar and unseen. Very important skills to have these days!

Surreal and mysterious things are happening. So as Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces, this can mess with our sense of what’s real and what’s not. But like the two fish swimming in opposite directions, it’s also a time of revelation. Going back, rewinding with Mercury, we can pick up on nuances we missed the first time. These can have to do with the veiled dimensions. So what was not on the radar, or even considered not possible or not real, comes into focus – and is shown to be as real as the topside world.

So paradoxically, "Keeping it real" might mean accepting what's been heretofore unreal. Some areas in focus with Mercury Pisces retro are: the supernatural (ghosts, impressions left in the atmosphere); the histories we have with others in this life and past lives; experiences that awaken awareness of the eternal self; the longing for the transcendent, in culture, relationships; the roles we play, masks we wear.

Traditionally Mercury is in its detriment in Pisces, because of the full sweep way of seeing – it’s harder to translate this knowing to others. The upside is that the final sign of Pisces through Mercury evokes a rich fusion of many ways to know. The route to these treasures is not necessarily a beeline. You might appear to be dormant, but having a series of inner scenes and impressions. The meaning might not be clear, since like an artist, it’s what you make of it. This is the time to flex your creative right-brain.

Let’s be alert to confusion. In retrograde, the awareness of more going on than meets the eye can cause communication to slow down. Take your time, mull it over….forget about it and come back to it later. There could be an epiphany that comes in its own time, perhaps after the retro period is over.

Tidal Drift

The spiraly water sign Pisces shows us that growth is not always about moving forward, in a linear way. And Mercury in retrograde is a break from the usual routine, and so, can present unusual situations. An impression wave can carry us off into unfamiliar territory.

A side effect of being carried out to sea, can be losing a sense of perspective, a sense of self. If you feel lost during this retrograde, keep in mind that this too is an experience – often leading you to a new level of awareness.

If you’re finding it hard to think, look for tasks that are rhythmic (if you must continue to “look busy” at work). Avoid people that play on your fears, or draw you into nefarious situations. If you get a bad vibe, listen to it!

Mercury in Deep (Pisces) Retrograde
  • A danger – misreading a situation because it’s what you yearn for.
  • Creating a scenario in your head, and giving it life with your imagination until it’s real. We’ve all been there, and this is how we get into trouble, acting in ways out of character. Keep in mind that this can happen more at the retrograde period.
  • Be particular about your environment, like where you mix and mingle. You’re apt to pick up, and even absorb the currents of a group.
  • Revisiting the past, and seeing a different dimension, and changing the past (your understanding of it) that way.
Take Note
  • If something or someone hits your intuition as “too good to be true,” during this time, it or he/she probably is!
  • However, the other stream is reviving idealism, a sense of wonder and enchantment, the experience of miracles, recovering the innocence of the mystical child.
  • Journeys on the water could be fateful ones. “Going with the flow” works sometimes, but this retro cycle, use your powers of discrimination, trust your senses and take along a good map.
  • Rediscovering the spiritual side of life, have open (unscheduled) time if you’re lucky to be able to, meditation, pray, daydream.
Mercury Retro Aspects
  • February 26th -- Mercury conjunct Mars The sensitive sight of Mercury is in synch with the raw thrusts of Mars . Spontaneous acts of kindness happen with empathy and desire to save other sentient creatures on high alert. Be cautious with Mercury in Rx, about acting on a cloudy intel. It’s wise to respond in ways that don’t lock you in to something permanent. Hold off on impulsive commitments, as you might not have the whole story.
  • March 6th – Mercury conjunct Venus -- (both are trine Saturn) Auspicious day for exchanges that hit a poignant note, beyond words. Art and poetry comes from the soul depths, is divinely inspired. Possible breakthrough day, as deeply embedded hurts are transformed, expressed in sublime ways.
  • March 8th –- Mercury conjunct Chiron: Sharing the medicine that comes with wounds. Art, music, a story that heals with its resonance. A day to share the wisdom of healing.
  • March 9th -- Mercury square Jupiter: A widening of perception that’s forced by new experience. Adapting to current situations, and having your world view, whirled. This can lead to an expansion – new ways to see, new visions for the future. Experimentation , humor, letting go of rigid opinions.
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