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Mercury Retrograde, Nov 2012

Sagittarius and Scorpio


Mercury Retrograde, Nov 2012

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November 6th to November 26th, 2012
  • Shadow: 18 Scorpio, October 19th
  • Retro Station: 4 Sagittarius, November 6
  • Direct Station: 18 Scorpio, November 26th
  • Release: 4 Sagittarius, December 15th

This is a retrograde when you might lose sight of the shore, as insight comes in that takes time to integrate. Layers of reality can be revealed that are shocking or unlock what's been too painful to deal with. The gifts come later, with wisdom and a full sense of the big picture.

The Prequel - Mercury in Shadow

Mercury is direct, but moving across retrograde degrees of Scorpio starting October 19th. That means Mercury is in its shadow phase. Mercury Scorpio peers into dark places and has a radar for what's worth drawing out. This foreshadows many dramatic revelations through the (extended) Mercury retro period to mid-December.

Mercury's Flash Light On
  • Denial of something too dark to face gives way to the courage to see what's there.
  • Sensing there's more to the story.
  • Seeing through false fronts and tuning into the undercurrents of power.
  • Becoming aware of drains on energy (psychic pulls, unfinished business, manipulation).
  • Resussitation of a deadened part of the self -- recovery from trauma, entanglements, psychic drain.
Main Feature

Mercury's official retrograde is November 6th to November 26th. It begins at 4 Sagittarius and dials back to 18 Scorpio (through the shadow degrees). If you're traveling, factor in that there may be delays. Take soul food with you -- a nourishing book or MP3 interview, for example.

If Mercury messes with time, though, see what's there to experience. There can be scenes of surprising poignancy, out of the blue -- random sharing that seem significant and sticks with you. More heart-to-hearts, even if its messy and "not appropriate" for the workplace or suchlike.

There can be purging, venting, raging -- a volcano of emotion that's been capped is opened. Be cautious about making decisions, if you experience a personal meltdown. Along with it being Mercury retrograde, the emotional force that's unleashed can lead to acting from peak intensity. I'm sure you've experienced that sense of being blinded by rage. It's wise to give yourself time to deal with (transform) and integrate all that's rising.

The upside of Mercury dancing back into the psychic epiphany degrees teases out deeper understanding. We see a pattern, for example, of how we've narrowed our choices, to keep certain impulses under control and unexpressed. Mercury retro is often a flash back to a missing piece. In Scorpio degrees that missing piece could be the emotional truth of a situation. It's time to weave in emotional intelligence, if that's been dropped along the way.


What else? A stellar time for anything with "re" in it -- research, reinvestigation, retrieving. This could be a time of seeing behind the curtain, into areas of secret knowledge and conspiracy. The apocalypse or "unveiling" exposes the reality of things that are normally marked above top secret.

Things that hit a discordant note, start to make sense, once you have a fuller picture. This has the happy side effect of installing a deep body-level knowing. Out the other side, into the Sagittarius degrees comes a catharsis -- a release of what's been known by the soul but hasn't found expression. It's freeing and supports the regeneration that's underway of culture, with Scorpio's ruler Pluto in Capricorn.

This retro cycle is for seeing the underpinnings -- machinations of power and what's causing dis-ease -- and ruminating on it. On the personal level, we see vampiric influences or toxic dynamics we're stuck in. There can be disturbing revelations, that lead to shaking free of negativity within and without. It's possible that things seem to get worse before they get better, in the way it's darkest before dawn. The dawn is of new awareness.

In the release period of mid-December, some of what's perceived with those piercing Scorpio eyes, is freely broadcasted. It should be yet another interesting holiday time, especially if there are clashing beliefs/perceptions within the family.

It's disarming, but a relief when someone dares to say what's really on their mind. It's freeing, too, when there's less emotional intensity bound up in what's perceived to be true. The Sagittarius messenger is emphatic and quick -- this Mercury hits even the moving target. If you're a witness to what comes up, the fiery intuition of Sagittarius solves dark riddles in unexpected ways. There's some magic to the fusion of intellect and intuition, with a side effect of being physically energizing.

By the release phase of this retrograde, there can be a freer flow of perspectives. There can be more matter-of-fact discussion about seriously taboo topics or what's been stuffed down. With Mercury in Sagittarius, the loyalty is to the pursuit of truth (for each, as they experience it), and the desire to control the conversation fades. You still might disagree, but there's a chance of feeling clear with your views, and allowing others free speech as well.

Big Picture

This retro seems to ask -- how does the big picture change when you see the emotional reality, and with the eyes of the soul? Some of what's seen during this retrograde can be disturbing. One theme already coming up with a vengeance is sexual transgression, especially by those in power (over children, for example). There can be a recall of what's been unspoken, denied, repressed, but that's lived on in the soul -- and demands expression.

In some ways, this retrograde is about the language of Pluto, Scorpio's ruler. Digging deep into buried truths, and expressing them, is a path to healing and a richer life. This then, seems a good time for recovery, energy work and other practices that go deep.

Soul Retrieval

This retrograde invites us to recover any lost parts of who we are. You might get synchronicity in the form of reminders of something that has a strong emotional punch or pull. It's powerful to hold something with healing awareness, that's been a source of pain or self-judgement. There can be a huge energetic release, and this in turn is very clearing for the psyche.

It's a time for a psychic house clearing. By the time of the release (mid-December), the load is lightened, for more mental flexibility. It can revive optimism, with Mercury in Jupiter's sign Sagittarius. The future looks brighter, when we're not suppressing the emotional or soul-level truth.

This is my take, though I am letting go of all of this, to be open to what unfolds in the moment. Mercury retrogrades are a time to rest and reflect, and to be open to seeing the past (or present) from new angles.

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