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Neptune in Pisces (to 2026)

A compilation of sources and articles on Neptune in Pisces (2011, 2012 to 2015)

Neptune Nudges & Karma
Cosmic Karma author Marguerite Manning: Neptune's nudges to reminds us of our karma, and getting in universal flow.

Neptune in Pisces
Neptune in Pisces (to 2025), and waking up in the dream (artistic renaissance, delusion, dissolving).

Neptune Pisces & the "Ordinarily Sacred"
Q & A with Yogastrology's Diane Booth Gilliam: Neptune in Pisces, finding solid ground, compassion and being present, and experiencing the "ordinarily sacred."

Neptune Pisces in the Houses
Karmic astrologer Marguerite Manning on transiting Neptune in Pisces -- what to expect as it travels through each of the 12th Houses.

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