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Intro to Neptune

The Dream Called Life


Intro to Neptune

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Neptune: veiling and unveiling, soul merging, ethereal, multi-dimensionality, the dreamtime, living in fantasy world, ecstasy, imaginative worlds, weary soul, enchantment.

In culture: art mirroring life and vice versa, visual art, movies, music, end of time phenomenon, fashion, 'reality' manipulation by news, political theatre.

Neptune is known as the higher octave of Venus, where spiritual love reigns, and we experience a transcendent feeling of being part of everything. Through Neptune, we recognize that all we see is energy shifting forms. And it's this planetary archetype that opens our eyes to the eternal self that shifts shape through lifetimes and aeons, wearing different masks and personae.

The mythic roots of Neptune come from the Greek god Poseidon, Lord of the Sea. The sea is an apt metaphor, since Neptune is the planet that dissolves the known structures of Saturn, and gives us a taste of the mystical reality beyond.

In real life, we swim in Neptune’s waters when we’re divinely inspired, or filled with a soul longing to re-unite with God. It’s the province of fantasy, escapism, glamour and illusion. Neptune’s vibe is beyond the intellect, and its strange pull draws us inexplicably toward both dreams and delusions. It’s a world of the psychic and out of body experiences like astral travel. When we are free-floating in Neptune’s ungrounded spaces, we’re open to everything, not just the lofty ideal.

Dancing with Neptune can include shadowy figures in real life, those charming devils in disguise, as well as the night terrors of the psyche. In the birth chart, this is where we experience the unfathomable depths of the collective dream landscape. Its house and aspects to other planets show the life area that’s enchanted for us, full of potential for creativity and sublime experiences. It’s also where we’re likely to know dissolution of boundaries, which opens us up to passivity and being a victim. The Neptunian desire to check out of the harsh mundane is the driving force behind many addictions and self-destructive martyrdom.

Those with Pisces planets or an unmoored Neptune are encouraged to find an artistic outlet for their imaginative gifts. For everyone, Neptune is a guide to the cosmically connected inner artist or mystic. It’s where we hear voices and see things with our psychic vision. Neptune’s inspirations are the signals from a distant place, and through self-expression, become messages that register as “universal” by the culture that receives them.

  • Neptune is a generational planet shared by everyone in an age group. And Neptune is a transpersonal planet, since it takes us into terrain with forces larger than ourselves.
  • Neptune shows us that what we call “reality” is always changing form, which can be both freeing and incredibly disturbing.
  • It’s meant to quicken the pace of our growth, by casting and revealing delusions, denial, deception. Wrapped somewhere in its offering, is the path to redemption.
  • Neptune gives us sight into the unseen, so we see beyond rigid mindsets that keep us earthbound.
  • Neptune’s realm is fantasy, and the kinds of entertainment that transports us out of the mundane. It also rules entrainment -- the hold of attention through images, symbols, sound, frequencies, like the hypnotic effect of television.
  • Its placement in the natal chart and harmonious aspects are a sign of artistic imagination.
Spiritual Longing
  • Neptune is the hunger to merge with God (Spirit), and a Neptunian is someone with a naturally mystical outlook.
  • The yearning to go beyond the physical has a dark side, and Neptune is linked to escapism through any kind of addiction, particularly drugs and alcohol.
  • Neptune's pull also shows up with religious cults, and those tragic cases of checking out together through ritual suicide.
Real, Unreal and Surreal
  • When we fall under a dark spell of Neptune, we’re susceptible to being emotionally manipulated through symbols and images.
  • A transit involving Neptune can wrap us in a fog of deluded thinking; we wake up and realize that what seemed real, was only an illusion.
  • Neptune’s placement in the chart shows your sensitivity to unseen currents that connect us to the divine.
  • A strong Neptune creates a compassionate nature, willing to make sacrifices for a higher ideal.
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