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Solar Events & Geomagnetics

Collection of articles on solar activity, geomagnetic events and their effects on mind, body & spirit.

Six Ways to Celebrate Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice Rituals -- Midsummer Candle Ritual -- Celebrate Indigenous Roots -- Fire Gazing and Jumping the Bonfire

About Fall Equinox
Fall Equinox is a turning point in the solar year -- to adjust or refine, weigh alternatives and experience balance.

Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice, the longest day -- a cardinal point in the solar year.

Solar Hangover, Ground & Integrate
We're in a solar maximum (to 2013), and this affects some of us in a big way.

Michael Erlewine on Solar Impacts
Solar impulses & the mindstream -- insights from astrologer Michael Erlewine...a creative time for imprinting, allowing it to "register deep within us."

Spirit of Ma'at on Solar Flares
How solar flares affect our bodies, minds, spirits -- great read!

Solar Eruptions and the Self
Astrologer Michael Erlewine on solar eruptions and how they "remake" our sense of Self.

Susan Rennison's Website
Author of Tuning the Diamonds, Susan Rennison's site is a resource for info on electro magnetics and spiritual evolution.

Space Weather: Implication for Planet Earth and Mankind
An informative talk by Susan Jon Rennison on cosmic rays, the Sun and Earth's magnetic fields, unknown energy from space, pole shift, sinkholes, alien wars, secret revealed, and the evolution of consciousness.

Effects of Solar Activity
Results of study shows solar activity affects our physical and mental state.

Solar Flares
The astronomy and astrology of solar flares by Jamie Partridge of Darkstar Astrology.

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