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Sun Sign Compatibility

Sun sign (Zodiac) compatibility - love matches from Aries to Pisces.
  1. Aquarius in Love (21)
  2. Aries in Love (31)
  3. Cancer in Love (31)
  4. Capricorn in Love (19)
  5. Gemini in Love (29)
  6. Leo in Love (24)
  7. Libra in Love (24)
  8. Pisces in Love (22)
  9. Sagittarius in Love (21)
  10. Scorpio in Love (26)
  11. Taurus in Love (27)
  12. Virgo in Love (27)

Sun Sign Compatibility
Love matches for each of the signs of the Zodiac!

Dating the Zodiac
Some fun dating ideas for the "getting to know you" phase for each of the Sun signs.

Dating Red Flags by Zodiac Sign
Every Sun sign has its rough edges and shadowy extremes -- what to look for from Aries to Pisces.

Myths About Sun Sign Compatibility
Joyce Levine looks at popular misconceptions about Sun sign horoscopes and Sun sign compatibility.

Tips from a Young Sextrologist
Leigh Reeves, the blunt twentysomething sextrologist, gives the lowdown on Sun sign synastry.

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