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Breaking Ground, Waking Up

Uranus square to Pluto (2012 to 2015)


Breaking Ground, Waking Up

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See dates for the Uranus-Pluto square.

Look Alive!

What an epic time! It demands our full attention now and in the years ahead. There are unpredictable forces at work here. Some might claim to see how it'll all shape up, but it's being made up, as we go along. That's the point -- something wholly new and unprecedented is emerging.

As a Cancer Sun born under the Uranus-Pluto conjunction, I sense that bigger than me, or trans-personal force that's moving in and around. This is the waxing square, and the next phase of the Uranus-Pluto dance -- many born in the mid to late 60s (Pluto-Uranus in Virgo) will be super fired up and grounded, too, and in a position to serve the whole.

Individual Greatness

The radical changes of an individual stoke the transformational fires of the whole. And the humanity-at-the-threshold atmosphere now awakens something in the each of us as individuals. This is larger than us, and yet each of us has the potential to be a shining star!

The astrologer Dane Rudhyar called the three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) Ambassadors of the Galaxy. They incite and invite us to go beyond the known. They awaken consciousness and alter how we see ourselves as creators through time. The square of Uranus to Pluto is sure to radically alter how we move and manifest, as spirits in a body. This is an exciting time to reinvent ourselves, and see what we're made of, what's possible.

A square is urgent, and with Uranus and Pluto, we have two of the great cosmic awakeners of soul force. The potential here is to rediscover who we are, and awaken powers that have been suppressed or dormant. Pluto's method is elimination, excavation, clearing out, and if the world seems covered in shadow, it's rising to be faced, confronted, transformed.

As the old is cracked open, new fertile landscapes are created that weren't there before. Raw energies are released, that are the fuel for the next move. A sense of mission comes from what's been overcome, and this augurs a new chapter. There are many ways that Pluto and Uranus divinely work toward breaking through!

Pluto and Hitting Bottom

What's been stuffed down and denied is spilling out. Much that was in shadow, is being purged out into the open. The dumpster of denial, corruption and shadowy agendas is full. The ugly truth can no longer be contained, especially about institutions, monopolies, unholy alliances, hierarchies of power and industry.

Seen with wise eyes, where nothing is "good or bad," this is a golden opportunity. It's time to find ways to clean it up, purify and reform. The intensity of the times activates a call, to play a role, in this great shift of the ages. In other circumstances, it's powerful to simply disengage, withdrawing vital energies from the beast in question. This is a way to restore deeply rooted power (Pluto) to each of us as creators with a right to shine (Uranus).

Yes, there's a lot of dire news and truly shocking 'acting out.' Take a look at your doom meter -- is it spinning wildly? Are you fixing your gaze on the madness, and letting it rob your sense of having a future? How can you pace yourself, with a disciplined focus, bringing more attention to your own spiritual foundation and who you're becoming?

Reanimated Earthlings

Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign of worldly exchange for value and agendas, and how we relate to (share, renew or exploit) what's here on Earth. Pluto's game is through power, and there's a power struggle now for who owns the Earth.

There are historically established clans (ancestry is another Capricorn theme) who say they do. There are signs of attempts to consolidate that control. Radical Uranus will answer that Earth belongs to those who move with life, not with death and exploitation of Earth. The Uranus-Pluto square brings together a vital and natural force, that's strong enough to break out of the artificial, and that which merely mimics the genius of nature.

Losing Everything, Finding Yourself

Pluto is ultimately about letting go, and accepting what is. It's also about getting things moving and unstuck from routine, or cultural assumptions, by any means necessary. If a relationship has fallen apart, look at ways it frees you to explore your own true and wildly alive sense of destiny again. If you've lost your home or other material possessions, how does it lighten your load?

Pluto in Capricorn is challenging some to let go of who we think we are, in the eyes of society. If I don't have this or that car, a certain size home, a college degree, who am I? Breaking out of tired old conditioning, we experience our own unique inherent value. By being stripped of outer branding and stultifying influence, each of us taps the source within. We let go of what's stunting our growth, and spread our wings. We become the phoenix rising out of the ashes.

Trusting Life

Pluto is about trusting fate and the future. What happens with Pluto often feels out of our control. Like losing a job and not being able to find another one to save your life. Pluto often brings us to our knees, so that we'll give up, loosen the grip, finally let go. And in letting go, a miracle happens and the dawn breaks. We stop looking for work in the old places, and start acting on the stirring impulses guiding each moment.

This makes way for the growth spurts of Uranus Aries. As these groundbreaking moments of Pluto crack us open, it lets to light in (to indirectly quote a famous poem). As we are broken open, we discover the will to really live, and the soul force that's able to renew itself. We're full of anticipation, even as things are "falling apart" around us.

Rush of Excitement

The surprise gift is a new sense of the possible. And, a brand new sense of who you are. We might sense much "work" to do, integrating the shadow. And yet, Uranus in the foolhardy optimistic fire sign of Aries keeps us in good spirits.

  • If overwhelmed and lost, begin by letting go of 'what's no longer you.'
  • Don't allow social media or celebrity fixations to dilute your identity -- self-containment can be powerful now.
  • Seek out those that are vibing on the new.
  • Honor your individuality, including ancestral roots, sense of place, personal story.
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