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2013 Job Tip - Organics

Lucrative Paths


2013 Job Tip - Organics

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High Demand

Did you know the organic sector is taking off? I've seen my own grocery store's "Natural" section expand from a few aisles to an entire section. Whole Foods has had soaring profits and is set to expand in 2013 with new stores.

If we look at trends, where Uranus meets Pluto, the new will be in this area of regeneration of the markets. It's where creativity, ingenuity and being pioneers meets this force of re-harmonizing commerce with the planet and our bodies.

There's an artificial language that's eclipsed the natural one -- it shows up most notably in constant talk of the economy. When disasters strike, the odd figure pops up, a price tag on how much it will cost the area or region financially.

So often we hear Pluto Capricorn in terms of the economy, as the primary reference. But in this long transit, more and more ecology will emerge as the primary value, with commerce re-built around it. Where the two meet is a hot one for job potential.

Whether it's on a small or large scale, a sideline or main income, organics are a way to make a living. This is the growing edge!

All-Natural Entrepreneur

From big chains like Whole Foods to the small Mom and Pop natural foods store, there's a need for products. Consider all the jobs tied in with getting these products to the store -- from developers to designers (of packaging). It begins with the producer, the farmer or herbal alchemist with the initial drive to put something out there.

A relatively new (and growing) area is humane-certified meat products. I predict this will grow exponentially, as the aware segment of the population keeps voting with their dollars. This extends to the natural health and beauty aisle, as people look for chemical-free products that wasn't tested on other living things. This is pure dollars and sense -- customers are willing to pay more for products that are aligned with their values.

Another area with room for innovation is agriculture itself. This includes ways to regenerate the soil, to heal from the toxicity of chemical farming. There can be positions in the sciences or industrial design that translate to lucrative careers.

The philosophy of making choices that have integrity is a high expression of Capricorn. It's about setting a new standard, with the cyclical earth in mind. This is a time when it's profitable to do the right thing. Those companies that walk their talk, are standing out from the crowd, and being rewarded by loyal quality-minded customers.

See also 10 Top Careers in the Organic Industry. Organic business guide Jennifer Chait notes, "The organic industry is booming, and there are plenty of jobs available. However, some are hotter than others, with more openings. Also, pay scales differ quite a lot across the industry, so it's smart to research organic businesses first, before you hop on the path towards one specific organic career."

Greenhorns and People-in-Transition

A friend of mine found a great situation through WWOOF, or Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. The work was satisfying, the place had a lot of character and was close to a natural hot spring! This is a way to travel and see new places, while learning organic practices.

Young farmers, called Greenhorns, can merge resources, perhaps going in together on a plot of land to farm. Depending on where you live, your yard could become a flourishing picture of abundance.

Traditional kitchen gardens are making a come back, and can turn into a sideline or main income stream. The fruits of your labor fill the gaps, if your situation suddenly changes. And if food prices go up, you still are able to make the wholesome choices for yourself and your family.

My husband and I have a small organic kitchen garden that's our Plan B, as well as providing most of our vegetables year-round. If you sense instability ahead, a garden brings piece of mind. It's not our main income, but we do trade with a local produce stand, and there's room to grow it into a business. We both also hope to show others in our area, what's possible, with our particular soil and climate.

To me, the Uranus-Pluto square (in play to 2015) is best illustrated in the miracle of a tiny seed -- something that grows into a great plant able to nourish many. It's stabilizing to claim the ability to provide a fertile place for the new life to surge forward -- to bloom where you're planted.

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