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Venus in Leo Compatibility

with other Venus signs


Venus in Leo Compatibility

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Venus in Leo with Venus in Libra
You admire your Venus Libra's social ease and self-image -- somehow always looking put together. You know they'll make you look good! Parties throw at chez Venus Leo/Libra are memorable bashes with a tone of dignity. You're both romantics at heart, and often, your love affair is the centerpiece of your fabulous life.

You won't like being talked over, or interrupted by this chatty Venus, though. My husband and I have this combo (he Venus Libra and me Venus Leo), and his loquaciousness is legendary. It intrudes on the Venus Leo need to be the center of attention! Venus in airy Libra finds pleasure in sharing ideas, always seeking new ways to bring balance and beauty to the relationship. You're more instinctual, and would prefer not to deliberate over choices. You're more likely to snap on what you love, and go for it, without a lot of analysis. But your Venus Libra mate has a gift for weighing options, and is a great sounding board.

Your Venus Libra's love style is attentive, and very responsive to your edicts. Yours is a more self-centered Venus, with a lover that's partnership-minded. You sense that tending to the relationship is your mate's top preoccupation, and really bloom under this kind of built-in respect. At times, you'll want to play the peacock, though, and put on a solo display. You begin to rebel if you feel subsumed in too much togetherness. From time to time, you'll assert your own favorites, with a showy reminder that you're here to shine as a unique being.

Venus in Leo with Venus in Scorpio
Make no mistake, this is a steamy combo -- water and fire brings your love to the boiling point! The attraction is strong, as fixed signs, because you sense the substance and intensity there. You and your Venus Scorpio love crave intensely involved affairs. And you don't shy away when there's heat (conflict), desiring a love that is colorful. Sometimes this devolves into lots of dramatic fights, and equally climactic making up sessions. Your love is tested in the pressure cooker, but that's exactly where you're both at home.

A trap here is obsession, and a theme is playing with power. You're both very strong-willed and at times, stubborn. You've got a showy side, and if you're feeling ignored, you might turn on the charm to turn heads. Being flirty to get a reaction is a way to intensify the drama. Though your Venus Scorpio love hides his or her feelings, you sense their need for control and desire to possess body and soul.

Your Venus Scorpio lover might have a strange hold on you, psychically and emotionally. Life with an underworld lover, can make you feel like Persephone down in Hades. If you're Sun-ruled Venus is eclipsed by too many dark, morose days, that's a sign that stagnation is setting in. A key here is catharsis -- the art of taking raw emotion and moving it, being changed by it. It's a tall order for any relationship, but if any two are game, the pair of you are!

Venus in Leo with Venus in Sagittarius
Some wild and vividly memorable times are predestined when two very passionate lovers meet. You're both bursting on first dates, turning red in the face, flushed with excitement. You're quick to get physical, and have strong appetites. Your two fire signs are generous, active, affectionate, spontaneous, instinctual -- and through these shared traits, you fall in love.

Where you diverge, is with your love rhythm, as you're fixed (Leo) and your love is mutable (Sagittarius). When the honeymoon phase is over, and there's a settling in, your lover grows edgy. It's his or her Venusian nature to wander, and this restlessness can make you feel like you're not enough. And every Venus Leo wants to be more than enough -- Beyonce's line in Austin Powers comes to mind, when she said, "I'm a whole lotta woman!"

You'll want to honor your own needs for loyalty and hold to those standards. Chances are high that your Venus Sagittarius love will be honest, and prefer to stay friends, than ruin your good thing. If the timing is inspired, you might meet your love when they're ready to explore deeper intimacy.

Venus in Leo with Venus in Capricorn
Your love interest comes off as all business at first, and very guarded. Until your Venus Capricorn lover is sure of you and the relationship, it's a wintry reception to your sunny overtures. Capricorn is Saturn-ruled, don't forget, and the relating style here leans toward getting a sober assessment. You're more apt to get attention from your Venus Capricorn crush, if there's work to do together, be it in business, the arts, or as pillars in society.

This is tough, because you crave admiration and might feel neglected here. If your mate is threatened by your big personality, they might actively block you, perhaps unconsciously. Venus Capricorn will show appreciation for your ambition, but won't be a cheerleader. You've got an ally, though, in steady achievement over time. Your Venus Capricorn partner (and they are marriage oriented) can be your rock. And always come through, handling all the ground-level kinds of concerns that you're not keen to bother with, anyway!

You might come to the conclusion that your Venus Capricorn lover is just not that into you. This may or may not be true. It could just be that you're not getting the kind of praise that keeps your spirits buoyed. Your lover has bouts of unshakeable melancholy when he or she has to retreat to the cave. This could push your love to the limits. But then you remember the times when he or she makes a wisecrack that's both funny and profound. The Venus Capricorn loves with an old soul, and has staying power. Capricorn ages in reverse, so your love grows young and playful with each anniversary. When there's a real love connection, this is a pairing to take you into the sunset years.

Venus in Leo with Venus in Aquarius
There's something special about your Venus Aquarius lover that pulls you in. You thrive in the gaze of such accepting eyes. You sense that what's unique, even far out, about you, will be whole heartedly smiled upon. You're magnetized by the dignity and very original sense of style exhibited here. You're natural friends and very social, perhaps meeting in a friend clique first.

You're attracted to the wierd sense of humor and individuality of your Venus Aquarius mate. This gets your mojo going, to be theatrical, make declarations and generally be over-the-top.

You're both fixed signs, and interested in exploring stability in love. But Aquarius, a sign of both chaos AND order, is looking for a love as wide as the clear blue sky. They thrive when they're actively engaged with many people, often big groups of all kinds. You desire to be the one and only, not one of many. If your Venus Aquarius wants to keep you, he or she will single you out, with some quality romancing.

Venus in Leo with Venus in Pisces
You sense the kind-hearted romantic soul here who is as interested in the Arts as you are. Your Venus Pisces lover has an alluring style -- he or she explores their many personae through fashion and looks. You sense the classic chameleon. The sign of the Fishes is all that, and the one most likely to swim away if things get intense.

This tendency to hide is alarming, and can make you feel disrespected. You want to see signs of love for you. The Venus Pisces love style is elusive, and while there's passion, it might not have the punch you're craving.

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