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When Mars is in Virgo

October 15 to December 7 (2013)


When Mars is in Virgo

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The Fixer

Mars is momentum, and the urge to act.  A vital, inspired Mars is the fuel for getting things done.  What's that raw Mars impulse like in methodical Virgo?

Virgo is mutable, so this Mars has a high level of physical dexterity.  It's a good Mars transit for rearranging, reorganizing or refining your moves.  Virgo is a sign that is patient enough to continue on with repetitive tasks.  So now is a time for settling in to a daily practice.  And sticking with it!

So whatever you're wanting to get better at, Mars Virgo inspires a realistic step-by-step method.  In fact, it can be hard, when Mars is in Virgo, to put effort into things that don't make sense, or aren't helping you build toward a goal.

The motivation comes from what's right there around you -- Virgo is very attuned to the physical environment via the senses.  Virgo is an earth sign, and has a subtle relationship to the body.  That's because Virgo is sharply tuned in to cause and effect.  This makes it easier to sense and act on what's inspiring, and to make changes with what's draining.

It's a Mars mood or fixing things, and handling tasks that you might not otherwise have the patience for.  So it's a great one or taking care of those nagging issues that you know would just take a bit of effort, but that keep getting put off.

Mars the Contrarian

The hot, undiluted energies of Mars can turn to irritability, with Virgo's critical eye seeing red.  Mars does affect the alert levels, and edgy emotions like anger.  There can be an underlying angst in the air with Mars Virgo, with arguments over "little things" taking on a life of their own. 

Watch or frustration levels, and getting bunched up in negativity that doesn't ind easy release.  I Mars is moving through Virgo, there can be a desire or perfect moves and or things (and people) to move with order and not haphazardly. 

On the other hand, Virgo inspires high standards.  And this can be a time of identifying precisely what's bothering you.  It might mean you're wanting to take on the philosophy of quality over quantity.  It might be time to upgrade your abilities, and live up to what you know you're capable of.  If  you're chronically frustrated with yourself and others, it could be because you're not doing your best.  Or the environment (at work or school) is at odds with your nature.

Creating Beauty

Virgo gets a bad rap or being a perfectionist that's never satisfied.  But that will to improve things is admirable, and can be a motivating force for creativity, and health goals.  The diligence of Mars Virgo can get you back on track, with desired goals.

On the earth sign Mars, Per Henrik Gullfoss writes in The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology:  "This willingness to serve and create beauty gives its owner abundance of beauty and richness.  Not because he or she seeks wealth, but because wealth is a natural state to be in or what is beautiful."

Mars Virgo "To Do" List

  1. Go through the junk drawer or everything closet -- see what's worth keeping, what's or giving away.
  2. Pull weeds, prune and compost.
  3. Initiate a routine of practice, to steadily improve your ability.


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