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Aquarius Love Tips

Loving the One that Can't Be Got


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"The more you try to hold on to Aquarius lovers, the more you will feel them slipping like water through your fingers." From Gary Goldschneider's Everyday Astrology.

Not Looking for Intimacy

It's a truism that Aquarians like to be friends first. They want to keep things light and stimulating. You could say they move from the outside in, and flee from any sign of being held in love's embrace. The more sensitive signs should know going in, that Aquarians are fascinating and cool, but not known for that heart-felt kind of depth. It's good to have clear expectations of what you're looking for, since the Waterbearer's ways can be shockingly loose. They are free spirits. And as soon as you've established a rapport, they do or say something totally unexpected, to break free from the love hold.

First dates with Aquarians should be fun and not too romantically claustrophobic. They'd rather roam together, or in a group of friends, than go through the usual "getting to know you" questions. Right from the start, you may notice they have short attention spans, following the shiniest thing in the room. They may flirt openly with others, and not think it's a big deal. If the electricity is there between you, though, that's a good start.


Another quirk of Aquarius is their ability to vanish into thin air. They defy the usual beginning of the relationship courtesies, and call when and if they want to. They don't stand on convention, and if you call them on it, they'll likely be offended. They follow their own sense of timing, which may mean long periods where they are MIA, followed by rapid-fire texting and emails. They may want to urgently get together, but then seem indifferent.

Part of loving Aquarius is accepting their unusual relationship to time. They may be late for a date, because they lost track of time. Or they may make a surprise visit to your work place that breaks all taboos.

They demand privacy, and have a reputation for being the sign most likely to sleep around. You might find out later that your Aquarius "friend" has been sleeping with you and two other people. What counters this behavior is the fact that they're usually respectful of your privacy as well. But remember that just because Aquarius doesn't tell you they're seeing other people, doesn't mean it's not happening.

Some Do's for Dating Aquarius:
  • Share your breakthroughs.
  • Be dazzling.
  • Revel in your friendships.
  • Reveal your own fringey, nutty side.
  • Be a little kinky and experimental.
  • Show compassion for everyone equally.
  • Be passionate about your causes.
  • Laugh at their humor.
  • Stay flexible about the schedule.
  • Be clear about your own emotional needs.
  • Be honest about your values (especially about monogamy)
  • Be shocking in bed.
  • Be full of surprises.
Dont's For Dating Aquarius
  • Don't judge their strangeness.
  • Don't get too sentimental with words of endearment.
  • Don't make assumptions about where you stand in the relationship.
  • Don't assume they are monogamous.
  • Don't judge them by how they look.
  • Don't try to win their sympathy.
  • Don't try to provoke them into an argument.
  • Don't show arrogance toward wait staff or any others in a service position.
  • Don't make labeling comments (racist, homophobic, etc)
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