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Capricorn the Goat

December 21 to January 20


Capricorn the Goat

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The Dates for Capricorn change every year, so check an ephemeris if you're on the cusp. Sun into Capricorn takes us into the deep hibernation (and germinating) of Winter, the first day of Winter Solstice (December 21st).

Gemini's symbol is the mountain-climbing Goat, and in earlier times, the SeaGoat, nimble on both land and sea.

  • Element is Earth (dedicated, enduring).
  • Quality is Cardinal (enacting, establishing).
  • Capricorn is Feminine (absorbing).
  • Polarity is Cancer.
  • Ruler is Saturn
  • Natural House is Tenth.
  • Phrase is "I use."
  • Body Association: skeletal frame and bones, skin, spine, joints, teeth, nails.
  • Season is Winter.
  • Colors are earth tones, classy navy or gray, black, dark blue/brown, burgundy, gold, rust-orange.
  • Rules lead.
  • Birthstone is garnet.
  • Gemstones are the protective turquoise, dark gems like aragonite, black diamond, jet, black onyx, lodestone, lepidolite, star sapphire, smoky quartz.

Flowers of Capricorn, also associated with ruling planet Saturn, are the heartsease, or pansy, the blue cornflower and Solomon's seal. Other special blooms are hyacinth, tulips, black and purple orchid and the desert rose.

Animals are goats and other cloven-foot creatures. The giants of the sea - whales.

Capricorn is the hardest-working sign of the Zodiac. They're apt to work smart, though, and make it clear to others that their time is valuable. Capricorn rises to the top in their field, through dedication, drive, patience and stamina. They're known to age in reverse, growing younger and less burdened as they get older.

At the extreme edges, Capricorn is judgmental, an elitist, and humorless.

Capricorn has a strong sense of duty, tradition and loyalty to the family line. It takes time to get to know the Goat, who becomes a steadfast mate or friend. They're drawn to the classics, in style, culture and literature.

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