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Ten Tips for When the Sun is in Capricorn


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Ten Tips for When the Sun is in Capricorn

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At the 'dead' and quiet time of year, we can tune into our timeless self. Saturn-ruled Capricorn reminds us of our mortality, when all around us nature is in retreat. We came out of the Earth, and will return to the Earth.

How would you like to be remembered? In 2007, I had the bittersweet task of writing my Dad's obituary. Of all his accomplishments, as a leader in banking and industry, he was most proud of starting an annual "Bookworm" golf tournament to support the local library. It reminded me that the legacies that last are those we do for community. Capricorn inspires us to think longterm, about leaving a deep impression on our world through our acts or ideals.

Capricorn is about erecting monuments, and making monumental impacts. Even as we go after worldly acclaim, it all eventually breaks down, and tombstones get worn away. The paradox of Capricorn is the quest for permanence in an impermanent world. Walk in a cemetery this month. Be gothic. Ponder what you'd like written on your tombstone.

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