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All About Leo

A one-stop resource for everything Leo, including profiles and love matches.
  1. Leo Love Matches (11)

Twelve Tips for When the Sun is in Leo
Twelve Tips for making the most of the Sun in Leo (July 22nd to August 22nd).

Leo the Lion
Known associations (gems, glowers, colors) for Leo, the Zodiac sign of the Lion.

Dating the Leo Man
Some tips on dating the Leo man.

Sun in Leo
A profile of the Sun in Leo with a list of famous examples.

Leo Women Quotes
Some notable quotes from the larger than life Leo woman.

Leo Men on Love
Some thoughts on love, marriage, romance by Leo men.

Jennifer Lopez and the Stardom Glow
Jennifer Lopez is a proud Leo performer with mostly fixed signs in her birth chart, giving her a disciplined, ambitious nature.

Leo Men Quotes
Some choice quotes by the King of the Jungle, the Leo man.

Leo Women on Love
The Lioness speaks on love, sex, relationships.

Kevin Spacey, Leo Mystery
John M. Whalen for Star IQ on actor Kevin Spacey, whose Sun squaring Neptune in Scorpio makes him a "mystery wrapped in an enigma."

Leo Wellness Rx
Holistic astrologer and author Stephanie Gailing has wellness tips for when the Sun is in Leo (July 22 to August 23).

Planets in Leo
The main wanderers (planets) in the sign of the Lion (Leo) -- Sun-kissed, regal, expressive.

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